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  • What's the thc percent

  • You’re putting the most shit up against the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world right here (truMed)lol. For quality cheap my go to is nirvana center or cave creek cannabis dependent on where I am that day🤘🏻

  • its $8 a g for a reason. its chemical ridden pesticide garbo.

  • I feel this man I'm from there but when u get it like that grateful

  • If they look so similar then just SMELL them to make sure they arent dummy

  • If anybody has a connect lmk I'm desperate and have a go tube im so nauseated during the day and I missed dinner again too,just sucks man.

  • For that price you can set up a grow and have a year's worth of smoke for a small fraction of what your paying over a year's time.

  • Subbed. Lemme know if you want to add music to your videos. #gho2traxx support local hustle

  • some buds look similar..but none should TASTE the same..anyway, ANY of the shit youre showing is better than whats available in texas

  • I live in AUS. but if I ever went to the u.s I think I would have to go to Denver and Arizona because apparently them states got killa smoko

  • looks like you down in the valley. check out Hi Health in Flagstaff or Yavapai Hearbals in Prescott valley. Two great dispensaries with killer buds for those on a budget.

  • Good vid fam gonna have to link up when I get to come tht way!!!

  • Good info playa, saty up g.

  • Arizona's finest for the dab game. they hold it down.

  • i prefer quality over quantity good vid doe!

  • Natures Az is consistently mediocre herb, their concentrates are a bit better though.

  • TRU Med has fire, but so does Herbal Wellness Center, with better prices.  Nature's Meds is poop bro.

  • Y'all cannabis club ain't got no good shit prob some other strain with stain name being made up or put together soo it would sell.. If you want that dope ass good good come down to Cali bruh.. You gotta fuck with all the cookies strain from San Francisco that where the real mf cookies at, once you come thru and fuck with Cali grown weed you ain't never wanna go back fucking with Arizona weed.. Top strain that would have you wanting more and more blue cookies, one and the only Girl Scout cookies, platinum cookies, gelato kush, animal cookies, thin mint, and sunset sherbert.. Shout out from SacTown916..


  • quality over quantity

  • Peace God

  • I'm not a fan of dispensaries. They're not all performing like they are supposed to. Stay in your grow Body. I'm in Michigan and everybody and their parents is an expert cannabis cultivator but garbage is circulating all around. Let's politic Sun.

  • Funny loving it

  • It take the quality over quantity because a little smoke goes a long ways and its more enjoyable with the taste

  • Yoyo… Nice vid

  • Considering they might be whats on the label I would rather take my chances with the 8 dollar a gram it's the better buy

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