Medical Cannabis Could Help Solve Opioid Crisis | Op-Ed | NowThis

Medical Cannabis Could Help Solve Opioid Crisis | Op-Ed | NowThis

Medical cannabis could be a silver bullet for treating chronic pain — so why are doctors prescribing opioids? » Subscribe to NowThis: …


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  • That’s right. Shoot up with weed.

  • Cannabis CURED my life long migraines. I'm 47 and cannabis is the ONLY medicine I use.

  • Yea use drugs to solve a drug problem, sounds smart

  • Medical cannabis doesn't work for most people either. Vicodin works perfect for me and guess what I can't get it, not just from the doctor, but not even the streets. And now it is so scarce due to laws and restrictions a fake market has emerged killing more people than Vicodin ever did. I have broken more bones in my body than i can count on my hands and also have CTE. Cannabis doesn't only not take away my pain it makes me tired and not wanting to work or do activities. This is not to say Cannabis should be illegal or unavailable to people. It's to say you are hurting me and millions of others making opioids out to be bad just so you can legalize cannabis. Anyone in America can get cannabis if they want in legal or illegal states right now. You have taken away a large chunk of my quality of life by pushing this ridiculous propaganda. Please stop.

  • Good video but we’re an over medicated society.

  • Anxiety is killing me. I don't how much longer I can do this. Pills don't work. My access to cannabis in Mississippi sucks. The black market here can't be trusted. How come I can't grow my own cannabis without going to jail…

  • I agree. I took pain pills for 13 years. and I smoked marijuana since I was 20 years old. I have PTSD. sense I was a child. Nothing no pills have ever done as good as marijuana. They put me on so many pills. I fell down all time. Didn't even no what I was doing. I threw marijuana away like it was nothing. Nut pain meds and others like it. No I was so sick. Still trying to get better. Its the best med you could take. It has been my med. I am going right back as soon as I can. They just made the law in oklahoma. Iam all for it. God Bless

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