WestCoast Cannabis


  • Tell me what you think about those Plants. Thank you everyone for stopping by. We have more videos coming soon from this same trip so stay tuned. 😎🚜🔥

  • How big was the room how many plants did you have

  • dam them lights look crazy

  • Any plant that is growing not in flower is in veg even if they started as a clone. You must not know much about growing.

  • I work in Tulsa, for evo. Great to see such potential dank growing here in OK!

  • What’s the best led these days?

  • ? Why are you so surprised that they are flowering clones… thats what clones are for.

  • Hey bro how big would you say that room is like 35X25?

  • What’s the over head cost to groove a room of that size I have a license for 436 plants I live in Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 and I’m just curious bro

  • Sooooooooo Cooooool for wankers> Bet all your under buds were airy……..

  • lol i remember my first time seeing plants..

  • I had a question how do you get your seats documented it to grow

  • What are the cost on those lights? And how many pounds are you guys getting per light? I may need 20 and I'm up the road.

  • One of these day I will get one optic 8!!!!!! LovingLife

  • Noice

  • Nice I only use optic led best 👍🤡

  • Gday,I m a optic 8+ user aswell,excellent looking ladies,may I ask what nutrient lineup you give these beauties

  • They didn’t flower clones ya banana head. And if you believe that you have absolutely not a freaking clue what you’re talking about.

  • Hey, are the buds big? Lol they have a great grow going.

  • Awesome! Right here in Oklahoma man! Nice grow guys. Trying to figure out the indoor stuff myself.

  • What’s the square footage on this grow?

  • where can i buy hicksford farm products in tulsa?

  • What is the hang height they running the Optic 8’s at for veg and flower? Looks like 3-4 feet in flower?

  • Unbelievable tour! Keep growing 🤩

  • I am having a lightgasam looking at all those Optic 8s .

  • Thanks bro. Loved the video

  • Very Impressive!💪 Optic 8s bringing the Fire 🔥. West Coast shake down in Oklahoma🤙

  • I think they look fantastic
    And the optic 8 doing great job
    But let's wait for the GROW Boss
    To give his 2 cents on the grow

  • Great grow op and we appreciate the tour. 1 day I'll have me one of those lights lol. Cheers, much love and respect.

  • Bad ass bro… When are you gonna grow some original glue?

  • Keep the trichs cloudy. 1% Amber give it the chop!!!

  • Wish I was with ya man

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