Medical Cannabis Breakthrough | 10 News First

Medical Cannabis Breakthrough | 10 News First

Researchers at the Southern Cross University are assessing the safety and effectiveness of medical cannabis. For victims …


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  • Schools have to educate young minds on using cannabis properly to prevent misuse and misinformation.

  • no brainer ,,, huh

  • The only breakthrough here is that the TGA will accept chronic pain as as a reason for prescription..

  • Legalise it

  • Everyone has known the healing effects of cannabis for years, of course though in Australia we don't care about science, just money. Bottleshops, maccas and tobacco available at every corner, but cannabis is the bad one.

  • Australia needs to legalise cbd

  • What is this sheila's accent?

  • How could you thumb this down,bet ya jumped at the jab but this has been tested for thousands of years go figure!

  • BigPHARMAhasBEENsupressingTHISforDECADES

  • “Hoping for a safe solution “…..LOOOOOOOOL..1000s of years usage and asking if it’s safe..edibles or vape it’s safe losers.


  • Big pharma wants in on it.
    Never trust big pharma.

  • Wow.

  • The Endocannabinoid System needs to be taught in medical school ASAP 🙌🏻

  • What's funny is in some states of America you can easily equire an assault weapon but you can't spark up a scooby. The world is wacked.

  • i be on that trial soon for spondolitis cant wait.

  • Big pharma won't like this…

  • This information was available for decades. Stop acting like you are breaking ground with such reports

  • Anyone paying attention to medical info that vanished in the last two years knows this.

  • I’ve been using legally prescription cannabis from my gp, picked up from my pharmacy for fibromyalgia and neurological conditions since 2018. Hope research will lead to cost reduction eventually!! Hasn’t so far even though prescriptions have skyrocketed over past 3years.

  • This breakthrough was made thousands of years ago.

  • Australia is so backward that it hasnt been legalised yet.

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