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  • Great video. I want to share this video with my friends and family.

  • I need some for my body to heal. All drug medidicenc will I try my back pain and head ache digestion doesn't heal and emotion

  • Marijuana helped me get less seizures. So I'll gladly do it. Seizures are painful. Makes me embarrassed too. Those who hate me for doing Marijuana i say this "Okay do this. Go to a doctor and get the most i did in one day. (73) If you still think Marijuana would be terrible to do, I'll stop right now". Them hearing how many I would get on bad days (20-30 in a day), they said they would have done anything (even a worse drug like heroine) to stop it.

  • Its great to see in comments how much people it helped , but how many more people need this medicine

  • The truth shall make you free. The real crime is locking people in cages and the destruction of their families and lively hoods, for a plant that my god created.

  • Love this

  • Thanks for the video. Very informative

  • Subscribed ✋

  • Cannabis saves me every day!! I had necrotizing faciitis and almost lost my leg. Also my left hip is end stage osteoarthritis (there is nothing left to it). On top of chronic pain I have diabetic gastroparesis and several nother stomach issues that make me nauseated and vomiting all the time. Cannabis is the only thing that can get me over that awful nauseated feeling so I don't begin vomiting!! For people that need this type of therapy it is truly a miracle!!!!

  • I suffer from Diverticulitis flair ups, which can be extremely painful, but I've been using medical cannabis for 2 years now and I have seen a reduction of frequent pains. Not saying cannabis "cured" me, but it did help manage my gastrointestinal inflammation symptoms.

  • Weed has helped me so much. I had so much pain and anger after my dad left my family. He was narcissistic and bipolar and I was dealing with PTSD from him. I joined the Army after he left and had so much anger and pain buried inside me. I was broke and desperate. I ruined many relationships with girls who honestly loved me and wanted to help me with my problems but I was afraid to let them and reciprocate their love and lashed my inner anger out on them.

    But now I am better. I knew I had a problem when I got out the Army and took my anger out on my family. I am still working on myself and slowly becoming more calm and relaxed. I had a lot of PTSD from my dad and the experiences in the Army. I have a loyal and authentic woman who knows I smoke but she accepts it cause she knows I have PTSD.

  • I speak as a doctor totally committed to helping medical cannabis needy patients. The health department should be ashamed of itself for its totally inadequate Medical laws and the failure of patients ability to get access to adequate supplies of CBD and THC in therapeutic quantities at an affordable price. Stop listening to the opposition of the greedy and selfish big pharma companies, alcohol and tobacco companies who cannot cope with how effective and totally safe that it is. We have innumerable patients who desperately need adequate quantities of the drug for upfront treatment in effective quantities. Medical cannabis is totally safe and should be easily obtainable via your regular GP with no delay or limit or at a regular Cannabis Speciality Clinic, and on the PHS so it is affordable. Politicians, get the laws updated effectively and quickly or admit you are not a part of a truly democratic parliamentary system. The people want effectively unfettered access and so do most police officers who see the benefits alongside and in contrast to the drama of unfettered alcohol access.

  • Marijuana has been the most effective medicine against migraines for myself.

  • Look at cannabis, look at pills. Which looks more natural. God/Mother Nature , whoever, put cannabis on this planet for motherfuckers to get high and enjoy life naturally. Like anything, you gotta know your limits and take in moderation and do edibles instead of smoking. I’ll never take big pharma drugs again.

  • I think it's funny that the narrator kiiinda sounds like Tommy Chong

  • But in our India is legal things.

  • I have gerd so I hope this will help me I haven't been able to swallow food for 8 days now

  • Sorry for disrespect, I'm Mike, grower and specialist in extracts like wax,rosin,harsh etc I also have carts and buds which I sell at affordable prices i'm in Cali and i ship to all states in the US and countries across Europe discrete delivery everything vacuum sealed i case anyone is interested you can call or give me a text on WhatsApp +1(530) 734-8523

  • But when I smoke it im instantly retarded.

  • It really helps with stomach problems

  • It's a great antidepressant ❤️

  • Real medicine in the world,

  • Weirdly enough, my IBS pretty much disappears everytime i smoke

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