Medical Cannabis and it´s impact on Human Health – Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis and it´s impact on Human Health – Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis and it´s impact on Human Health – Medical Marijuana.




  • marijuana helped me to live with my colitis. now i am able to reduce the toic medication.
    i use the THC orally, because I think it works more directly in the bowel system and it is healthier for the lungs. only problem here in germany it is illegal… fucking laws!

  • Uh ever seen videos on youtube? It is not the fact that the information is on youtube that should be question but the sources from which that information came from. Many of the claims made in this video are actually supported by medical research. But you also have to look at who is conducting the research–governments have a nasty habit of doing some really biased research and making laws as a result of it.

    There is a big difference between an informational source and a search engine.

  • Do you have any disease other than asthma that qualifies you for medicinal cannabis? If not, then you would not know what the medicinal effects are. Being someone who suffers from severe chronic pain, IBD, and a genetic immune deficiency that has me on blood products every 4 weeks… I can honestly say weed makes it so I don't have constant pain, treatment side effects, and IBD issues. Maybe if you were actually sick, you would understand how much it can help the chronically sick.

  • i smoke 6 years, enjoy every puff of it

  • i have a friend that has a mild form of CF. Biggest pothead i know and he's doin ok

  • ANY of this talk of marijuana justification based upon medical benefits touted , is pure crap!
    Asthma? I suffer asthma and I smoke pot – and it does NOTHING for my asthma except cause me to hit my inhaler right after a puff of pot – medical justifications for pot use just validates and supports yet another faction of big pharma that always needs to get into the issue to validate pot use and sustain justification for their own existance !
    Why doesn't big medicine just fuck off ?
    Do a bowl !

  • @man4cannabis hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • it will be a cold day in hell when i believe a so called "official" medical research from a youtube video.. lol

  • this is great video. get high on milk our cows are on grass!!!!

  • Superb truth video…thank you 🙂

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