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  • I suffer from juvenile myoclonic seizures starting having them when I was 13 took meds and still am but they didn't reduce my seizures I started smoking weed when I was 17 and it's helped me in the long run I have seizures every once in a while but before I smoked I was having them every week at school when I would be asleep weed is what helps me sleep at night and not have them so very often my prayers go out to the others who suffer from epilepsy may God be with you and give you a long lasting life 🙏

  • I take keppra fycompa and I smoke I Dont have any but its still not safe for me to drive.

  • If your doctors won’t prescribe it for you go get some somewhere. It is far better than the crap they shove down you. And if it works Amen. You have nothing to lose.

  • The boys sound great.Makes me smile.

  • Nobody can damn well access CBD on the NHS. Tell the truth..only 4 children in uk were able to access it. We dont want hope…we want to to move your ass..there is no f-ing cure…I have retractable epilepsy and CBD -THC has saved my lfe..where as the drugs nrly killed me and made me worse. DEA in the US approves CBD treatment for epilepsy. Ive been on full spectrum oil since 2020 and Ive hadnt had a gran mal since. I started smoking cannabis aged 14..and now 40 yrs later im still goddamn alive. And Billies treatment in the Northern Ireland has just had his treatment withdrawn. Basically people..use your own courage..believe in yourself and start your own treatment like i have. If u keep taking the standard advice..you will get nowhere.Its life or death.

  • thank you (:

  • I am a Epilepsy patient asking for help 😭😭😭😭😭 I am from guyana

  • I have tonic clinic seizures about 100 a day. I take 1500 Kepra now. Anyone have anything similar and can share advice? What to use. I can't smoke weed, but maybe an oil or something

  • I started a few medications and still had 7 minute seizures, started taking medicinal cannabis 10 months ago and never had a seizure since. But I feel like my short term memory is getting worse, would love to know is it the medication or cannabis or brain damage from seizures 😢

  • I know that I ones doubted herbal medicine even Dr Madida, so is everyone I believe  but right now I don't longer doubt it again especially the herbal medicine from Dr Madida on YouTube which cured my idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

  • Is there a difference between the stuff the doctors give out or the druggyys sell?

  • Hi, i was subscribed epilem as a 22 year old male who just recently got a seizer after 14 years of not having one.
    I have massive side effects such as dizziness. What is your thoughts on epilem?

  • smoking it doesnt work as well as cbd oil…been there done that. 25 years now. feel free to email me dmh1@post.com Ive never been this seizure free before, diet is also very important. currently taking Carbamazepine with 2 drops of dagga oil at night. I make it myself and it works like a bomb. you wont believe the things you mustnt eat though. email me, I'll share with pleasure.

  • Thanks to Dr osaze who cured me of seizure and epilepsy with his herbal medication, you can also contact him on his email on drosazeherbal@gmail.com or whatsap him on +13523881786

  • It’s just crazy to me that ppl will b uncomfortable with thc getting u high when prescription pills they give u can really get u high so y be so scared of a plant

  • I’ve just been diagnosed with epilepsy following several seizures.
    It’s interesting that cannabis based meds are only considered as a last resort.
    I’m reluctant to take any more pharmaceuticals (I have another chronic condition) and would much rather try the most natural options first.
    I live in Scotland, does anyone have experience in getting a hold of cannabisg based meds?

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  • I have Epilepsy weed helps me with my Epilepsy God made it and it is safer then man made medication I smoke when I feel i might have a seizure. I take my medication ok not just weed

  • My friend also has been smoking for long period of time and has shown a lot of improvement.

  • Is CBD better than normal cannabis? NHS making me wait MONTHS for help and meds. I have constant problems from morning till night.

  • How is cbd working for you guys ??? I have grandmall seizures need unfo plz

  • ive been having seizures since 2011. I have been on every seizure med that the neurologists could think of, one of them I found out the hard way that im allergic to. before I quit taking the meds, I was on 1500mg of kepra everyday. i asked my neurologist about cbd oil, and he told me it was b.s. so i quit taking kepra and all meds all together. i started taking cbd oil in july 2019 50mg a day and it cut my seizures by more than half. there were days i would have up to 20 a day. now i have around 2 or 3 a week. i was a huge skeptic before, but now im a believer. i use procana cbd oil gel capsules that are 50mg each. its close to 100 a month but its worth the cost.

  • Appreciate you saying cannabis isn't a cure all ! There is an epileptic who agrees with you an am humbled to say so an yes gives us hope .in my case took many of my fears away

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  • THC-cbd V. Tegratol…the former has saved me…the latter made me worse and nrly killed me…smoking weed has saved my life…

  • i have seizures cbd oil does it help …im tired of takeing medecations

  • I've smoked weed when I was 13 through 17 I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 11 and I think it does help because it's happened less frequently than it was when i was 11-13

  • If it weren’t for cannabis oil I’d still be having seizures. Yes I’m referring to CBD. It’s magic stuff, it’s controlling my epilepsy when nothing else could.

  • For me, anything that stops or even reduces the seizures will be great. I've also looked into non-medical treatments like a ketogenic diet, but it seems like cannabis is working wonders for other people with drug resistant epilepsy.

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