Arthritis Society Canada


  • 25:19 good audio starts

  • Laxman Bartaula nepal

  • I found this a very well informed panel, and packed with great topics. It was unfortunate the first presentation had poor quality. You can find Dr Mcdougal's great lecture from other conferences. Rest assured, the quality gets better starting with Christopher Blue at minute 26. Check out the heartwarming account by RO sufferer Lauren Meadows at 34:00. Hear from Employment lawyer Fabio Castante at 40:00, for a great perspective. Finally, view Arthritis Society CEO Janet Yale speak about the importance of MMJ, somewheee around 45:00. Also, there is a great testimonial from the crowd at 58:00 who has had miraculous results treating RO with cannabis. Well done I say! Legalize it! ⭐️4️⃣2️⃣0️⃣⭐️

  • I really want this information but the first presentation is impossible. Can someone recommend some other cannabis pain info?

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