Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids for Chronic Pain

Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids for Chronic Pain

In this webinar, Jason Busse (Professor in the Departments of Anesthesia and Health, Evidence and Impact at McMaster …




  • God, this was depressing. As a person trying CBD, it just gave me no hope. I have tried vaping CBD, but it seemed to depress me. Definite pain reduction. And better sleep. I am now about to try a cream instead as the eliquid feels harsh to vape. I found the scientific report especially disheartening. I wish I hadn't watched. I wondered how beneficial to Big Pharma it was to 'show' that CBD is pretty useless… has been corrupted by funding.

  • YES – everything I do comes from GOD.

    Copper transitions into GOLD, nickel transitions into PLATINUM & zinc transitions into MERCURY through a SPECIAL 'BOIL' WITH NO OXYGEN.

    It is because of how potent THC has gotten that it is reconnecting my ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM that is restoring my brain injury. Who would not be happy with their brain healing ?

    ~ Please know that I am the great great grandson of BLACK ELK. I have returned from DEATH to tell the "PEOPLE" to HEAL EARTH ! ~ When I was 17 I took the military I.Q. test, scored 148.

    If MARIJUANA is healing my brain injury as I claim & if I am as INTELLIGENT as that test claimed, then I should be able to figure out what metal TRANSITIONED into GOLD.

    I HAVE ! ~ It's "COPPER", long ago there was a METEOR SHOWER that had "non-magnetic" meteorite metal. When they hit earth it caused volcanic activity that made copper molten. When it made contact it TRANSITIONED into GOLD.

    This metal is so conductive that it only takes "feeder roots" of a tree touching this metal to turn that tree into a LIGHTNING ROD.

    That means if a metal detector was used where lightning struck a tree, it could be found.

    ~ You know what really gets me is that others just think that I like being 'stoned' all the time. When all I have done is listen to SCIENCE.

    Thank-you GOD. I made the mistake of rolling a H/D WIDE GLIDE that killed me. GOD returned me to show the world that THC gives my brain the ability to produce the base stem cell that travels in blood going to 1 & 2 receptor's that get turned into what is required.

    Would that not then make having blood with THC in it more desirable in hospitals ?

    HEMP will restore EARTH.

    Thank you GOD for returning me. Please help me getting information out.



    On 08-30-2008 I Had the worst motor bike wreck with no helmet on to survive in MONTANA. I died 3 times in life flight. It crushed my chest breaking all my ribs Many Times, putting ribs into both lungs, shattered pelvic bone in 5 pieces. I was in an 87 day coma, waking with a registered 5.5 brain injury.

    I was told that THC saved my brain from lack of oxygen. Smoking Marijuana is opening my airway to accept oxygen. And the biggest is MARIJUANA is healing my brain.

    It is THC-A that gives my brain what is needed to MAKE new CELLS.

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    It has been EARTHS health!

    HEMP takes 4 times the CARBONS to grow than trees. . HEMP revitalized the SOIL, puts off more OXYGEN than trees.


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