• I'm am a devout Christian with the illnesses mention in the video and I smoke pot when I wake up before work and when I get home. I wish I was clearer and had faster thinking and reaction times and now I use and inhaler so I don't wake up coughing at night. It's a trade off to have a 4 or 5 symptoms reliefed in an instant I praise God for making it. But moreover I find my rest in Christ and weed helps me from suffering to a point to where I can't feel God like I need to. Update I'm trying to quit weed and just smoke CBD.

  • What kind of cannabis treats depression and anxiety or does any kind work? Which is more expensive, cannabis or drugs prescribed by a doctor? it sounds like cannabis does not really have the capacity to replace the drugs unless they simply are not effective at all.

  • The study compared normal and prescribed medication with medical cannabis to treat anxiety and depression.

  • I used Weedborn CBD products and healed without any problems.

  • Cannabis deffinately has more benefits for me than seroxat did on my depression anxiety and ptsd, cannabis makes me feel more normal whereas seroxat made me feel unwell.

  • Why does ssri block cannabis?

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