medical cannabis

medical cannabis

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  • pro tip. get a recommendation from California online and keep it with you. You wont be able to get a south dakota Medical card with it or be able to go to the dispensaries but its still valid verifiable recommendation. so anything under 3 ounces you shant be arrested for and if you are, charges will end up dismissed by the state…. i guarantee this law effects recreational marijuna users intake or access in no way! Quite Honestly the the state of South Dakota is just missing out on a lot of tax revenue that will could be generated by something we are gonna go ahead and do, just like we always have. Ill never understand such retarded logic like the no on 27 people. probably good people, but very dim and ether uninformed or strait up lying also giving pointless stats that have nothing to do with marijuna

  • When you stand at the bully pulpit, its official =)💚✌🦁

  • Of course another gop official breaking the law! Yet marijuana which is safer than alcohol is the problem 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Vote yes on IM 27

  • NO MENS REA 1312

  • Legalize? Well okay let's see about that

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