Maximizing Cannabis Yields with Dr Bruce Bugbee

Maximizing Cannabis Yields with Dr Bruce Bugbee

Dr. Bruce Bugbee gives a game-changing master class for cannabis growers on optimizing cardinal growth parameters to …


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  • This should be a ted talk.

  • Me. I love this guy I think I might have a creed change .

  • truly amazing information! thank you very much Dr.!

  • Thank you Dr! You’re a gift to society that keeps giving❤

  • At 27:29 you say that perlite has no silica. Perlite is made of silica. Why would you say it has none? Am I misunderstanding you?

  • Bruce Bugbee: Walter White
    Me: Jesse Pinkman … bitch

  • I would veer from shredded wood to prevent termites from my experience

  • This is the best grow info series I've ever seen keep up the good work doc!

  • Excellent, thank you!

  • golden! so thankful for this! tons of useful information..

  • So this same fertilizer for veg and flower?

  • 😮 wow i love the knowledge very honest but I’m more into the tissue culture now 🎉😅

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge professor. Greetings from Argentina.

  • Dr bugbee or Harvey Smith who's the best? There's only one way to find out.. FIGHT!

  • Hi Prof, is peat can be referred the same to coco peat?

  • 1.25 speed is your friend

  • @29:40 "Now this is mixed units, metric and feet but … [fuck it]".

  • Okay…so the internet took me here and it is because I am finally ready. Thank you Professor!!

  • My soil mix :
    Coconut coir, Bio soil, Perlite, thin sand, and organic solid fertilizers and mycorrhiza.

  • Is peat moss the same???

  • Dear Dr. Bugbee; my name is Tom held from Pittsburgh pa, I'm currently trying something very odd, odd enough that I can find no one doing what I'm going to try : I am going to graft cantaloupe to cannabis and wondering if you or anyone you know has tried such a thing and was wondering if you had any input or tips? Any person offering advice would actually be appreciated, thank you.

  • 3:30 is there a more precise description of optimal lighting based on specific wavelengths and intensities. I am asking in regards to fresnel lenses used to collect and chromatically disperse solar radiation to direct useful wavelengths to greenhouse applications and all other wavelengths to PV applications. The PV wavelengths would power LED of the appropriate wavelengths for photosynthesis to increase solar radiation efficiency regarding greenhouse applications:

    6:00 What about for hemp fiber applications where flowering is prevented for longer stalk production? Would a 24/0 regimen be more appropriate in this case to provide faster growth?

    6:30 Is DLI dependent upon the light measured by the quantum sensor? For instance, will sunlight produce different values than LED lamps of the same power? Or is the quantum sensor tuned to a specific wavelength?

    20:00 How long can you sustain the VEG phase, and how does the fiber production rate evolve over time?

    25:00 Are there any resources on aeroponics?

    Growth/production rates

    34:00 What are your thoughts on kelp meal fertilizer?

  • what is the reccommended coconut coir amount ?

  • Thank you for taking the time to share your work. This is crucial for science based growing. Some people would pay a lot of money for this type of information, and Dr Bugbee is on here teaching a masterclass for free.

  • i appreciate all you do and have for years thank you



  • Thanks Mr. B

  • Bruce is the 🐐…this is the best instructional video for growing that 🔥

  • 37:00 for mix of fertilizer

  • Yeah! Science bitch!
    These things grow naturally in nature… All this science baffles me

  • I’m from the time before the growing licence’s… May I correct the mineralogy part, you don’t feed plants with each watering, it’s called salt farming… the smoke is gonna be harsh. But you can grow dank pineapples buds and donkey dick buds pushing the nootz to 1100-1200 ppm’s and breaking the 1g/W barrier up to 3g/W with LED’s … Doc ! It takes decades of passion to become a Master Grower 😉

  • I imagine you're too busy to be answering questions, but here it goes anyway
    Do you continue to use the same 20-10-20 fertilizer once you enter flower stage? Everything so far has said less nitrogen during flower.

  • White light! so you can see! Love it 😀

  • ❤My favorite video! I have watched about 6 times❤

  • My favorite video ever

  • Thanks so much Dr Bugbee. Would you say the optimal night time temps (keeping a broad 5 degree range) would be 16-21 to match those day temps of 25-30? Also c3 plant co2 saturation is ~600. Its no more efficient for cannabis production to stay closer to that while putting out 1500umol consistently?


  • Anyone wanting to follow his advice regarding EC needs to know two things:

    36:48 From this point on, whenever he says mS/m, he means mS/cm.
    Also if your tap water has a higher or lower EC, your net EC of nutrients and run off will be higher or lower.

  • i saved this video.. and will watch it many times i am sure.. thank you.. lots of information..

  • Oh heck just to point out to the crazies the graph at 2:55 has the winner as,,,,,,

  • The very best cannabis information ever ! Bro is a real scientist!

  • what about the effects of moon light?

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