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  • There's only one solution; get high on their own supply.

  • Low demand?? The plug was staying afloat off like 30 custies, youll make it work.

  • Yeah, because it’s fucking crazy what you have to do to get the weed, and the thc is so low it sucks. You might as well smoke the Bermuda grass
    On your lawn. That’s why veterans are choosing lab made chemicals like D8!? Something needs to change, there’s a reason why you guys keep voting to legalize and it legalize and you don’t get it…it’s because big brother doesn’t want you to get what you vote for because “you can’t handle it.”

  • Why is this on a texas station? Texas too conservative snd behijd the tomes to eher legalize a plant 🤣🤣

  • Because the government is greedy and ridiculously taxing it.

  • Too many places growing and too many stupid shops are on top of each other. goofy ahh no duh this would have happened.

  • a lot of people would lose their job if they smoke, its not worth it over getting high

  • 0:26 key word COMPANIES, if you ask me, marijuana never was something that should be corporatized and turned into huge brand names. Let there be easier ways to be able to sell, and let mom & pop shops control the industry. Their crazy prices are what make dealers thrive.

  • It's struggling because of the high ass taxes states are putting on it and the black market is still thriving it's common sense

  • Why pay for it when you can grow your own

  • Weed is stupid. Time to legalize heroin 🥱

  • Yea the price are crazy at the dispensary and I just go to the weed shows 80 a zip of some purple

  • I could buy inanely expensive weed with a 30% tax from Illinois or I can get the same quality cheaper from the weed man.

  • ill keep it simple street price 10 a G TOP SHELF
    dispensory you got to spend 40 bucks minimum just to be let in then theres a 17% tax a 20% mark up you get dry weed thats been pre packaged for years and u get 1 gram basicly in the end for like 80 bucks

  • Legal weed dispensaries are more about licensing fees and security company revenue and locksmiths and insurance than about local commerce.

  • Good, now LOWER your ridiculous prices! The truth is if left unregulated and free , like tomatoes and green beans, pots worth a few bucks a pound at best. Now stop it.

  • Cheaper to get it from the grower or local weed man……supply and demand are working in harmony outside of dispensaries 😂

  • Because the Mexicans are lacing it with fenthyanol and its bad for you and all the lesbains are using meth

  • Chicago the worse! They want 70 a 8!!!

  • LOLOLOL LOW Demand……………..You mean the very high demand that is going back to the black market because its cheaper.

  • Bring down prices and im sure it will clear itself out haha.

  • Again, I have a “friend” who can get me an ounce for $150 for quality marijuana.

  • Also people don't want lose their jobs when drug testing 😂

  • Stop charging 20$ a G u morons

  • Why is this a story in Texas?!? They hate weed and will lock your ass up for a seed or a stem….

  • It makes no sense that people should have to pay such outrageous prices for something they can grow legally. They have the means to grow as much as they want but still want everyone to pay more than the prices than smuggled weed a quarter of the world away.

  • Tennessee is looking 😊

  • It's almost like people don't get addicted to cannabis LOL.

  • Make top shelf 8ths $25 again

  • Low demand high prices who would’ve guessed 😂

  • Demand is high, as is greed. Black market cannabis will never die even if you legalize in all states. The state taxes high, and charges insane amounts of money to get a permit gatekeeping the actual people who fought for legalization from owning a business, and saving it for the elite and those with lined pockets. Prices are low at your friendly neighborhood plug. That is never gonna change.

  • Buying legal pot is a joke. You get taxes so fat at the shop I go to

  • Well lower the price lol or take it to the states that’s illegal we’ll take it

  • Please sell in Utah

  • Support your local dealer.

  • I’m calling B.S.

  • I’ll take a few turkey bags 😂 just send it to me address

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