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  • I use cannabis daily for pain, anxiety, and sleep. I've suffered from gout, social anxiety, and insomnia for years and cannabis is the only thing that has helped. It's much better then taking artificially synthesized drugs made in a lab. Also going plant based has helped my inflammation greatly as well.

  • I wanna know why are we not allowed to smoke pot and take opioid at the same time?

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  • Cannabis can also be deemed 'additive' as it mimics our endogenous cells in the endocannabinoid system, if used too often the body may rely on it more than our natural processes. However, on the flip side, if used moderately, cannabinoids can INCREASE the production of endocannabinoids. Particularly important for those with conditions like Fibromyalgia, as it is theorized now that people who experience chronic pain conditions like FMS may be deficient in these cells that assist in pain regulation. 🙂

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  • And the best thing for me about it definitely cuts down on stress physically and mentally.

  • It helps with the automatic system as the cannabinoids when activated by thca or cbd it helps stabilises the automatic system making chronic symptoms become less apparent and eases pain.

  • Thca for me helps my nerv pain and learning it doesn't bind to the receptors In the brain i can have it without feeling sleepy but still having the effects of pain relief.

  • You must used marijuana for medical purposes not to abused

  • What’s always amused me about the “it’s a gateway drug” argument is that, actually it can be, but not for the reasons they claim, but instead that because of weed being illegal, people often had to get it from dealers that also sold other, much harder drugs, and eventually they are tempted to try the other drugs. Thus, it’s the fact that it’s been kept illegal, and thus left to the black market dealers to sell, that’s the problem with it.

    Although I’ve often thought, that if there was a simple breathalyzer type test hat could show if you were currently under the influence, mj would likely have been legalized much earlier, or at least support for legalizing it would have grown much earlier.

  • Weed is mystical man

  • Everyone needs to know I was returned from 'death' to show the WORLD what our ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM does. THC saved my brain from OXYGEN DEPRIVATION, BRAIN SWELLING & is restoring my 5.5 TBI. (Traumatic Brain Injury) ❤

    Thank you LORD.

  • 😳😳😲it's hard to believe even though it's true. Doctors would rather prescribe. Additives opioids over a cannabis plant?? If that ain't capitalism nothing else is. Damn shame

  • For those of you with herniated discs and stenosis . I can vouch that weed is a very effective painkiller .
    Today I was having severe pain from
    2 herniated discs and weed has remove 90% of the pain . It's kind of like you can feel something since you still have a body but it's not something you can describe as painful. In fact this is more effective for me than opioids…tramadol and
    ratio-lenoltec (codeine/tylenol). You can read articles and listen to videos but you need to experience this.

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  • I know that I ones doubted herbal medicine even Dr Madida, so is everyone I believe  but right now I don't longer doubt it again especially the herbal medicine from Dr Madida on YouTube which cured my idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

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  • this information is extrememly outdated and makes no relevance in todays climate where it is almost legal in 3/4 of the country and 2/3 of our own continent

  • I did it too. That's what I used Weedborn CBD products for 🙂

  • I have tried a lot of marijuana products I am yet to find someone to take care of my pain, any suggestions

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  • No euphoria with opioids if you are in chronic pain.

  • Important things are moving fast and this information, although great is becoming outdated.
    For instance the number of states is no longer just 1, it is now more than half of the country, more than double what this video stated when it was made. The number of people that are using it medically and the number of people that have tried marijuana for the first time have increased in the information gained for the medical community now that studies have been legally done we can now see emerging results from these studies.

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