Marijuana: All Facts And Numbers

Marijuana: All Facts And Numbers

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Sabine Hossenfelder


  • One of the side effects is telling everyone how much better you are at everything while you are high and that you are not addicted and could totally quit wherever.

  • One of the most ridiculous things about the war on drugs is the defunding and banning of scientific research surrounding them. Here's hoping we develop knowledge. On the other hand, misuse of drugs will always exist in society until we develop public, universal and solid mental health services.

  • Thanks Sabine, an even handed and useful summary of the current state of play in this live social issue.

  • Ugh… I grew up where is / was illegal. The ONLY reason it is a gateway drug is this::: All the hard drugs I tried for the first time were introduced to me from pot dealers. If it was legal then the dispensary is not going to try to sale me Xtacy/molly , coke, or pain pills. So I argue that if it is legal then far less people will be exposed to new harder more toxic drugs. Most drug dealers make more money in harder drugs as there is not huge profit in illegal pot compared to pills, coke, or boy. They use pot to get new users/buyers. In legal states there should be no need to see or deal with these people.

  • One of the most ridiculous things about the war on drugs is the defunding and banning of scientific research surrounding them. Here's hoping we develop knowledge. On the other hand, misuse of drugs will always exist in society until we develop public, universal and solid mental health services.

  • as a severely traumatized, barley functioning, crust of society that I am, I'm a bit scared to hear Sabine's take on one of the few things left which keeps me able to tolerate or interact with others. I am not functional when I don't have weed not because of me but because of ALL OF YOU people (well, not YOU).

  • Lol marijuana hospitalization. The Ld50 is like 30mg/kg. It's a psychological anxiety attack, brought about by lack of preparation and carelessness when entering a new experience, be it first-time use or higher dosing. Alcohol is by far more dangerous in use and long-term effects. Legalize it .

  • Modern day witch hunt

  • 😆😅🤣🤣😂

  • Konopel Borat weed lovely Scythian medicine in Ukraine it grows wild birds seed it in the Steppes.

  • Curious that we in the US are seeing the government promising to solve so many of our societal problems. Several of those problems are mostly contrived…

    In exchange, those hyper-government advocates are mostly happy to drug-up society.

    Can't help but ask why so many people find the need to drug up, drink up… psychological challenges that have clearly increased with legalization and ignoring root causes.

    Yes. one of the claims of the "legalizers" is that legalizing will fix (give up on) the "war on drugs".. when the reality is that the criminal element just ups the ante and the impact of a drug-permissive culture harms the poorest neighborhoods.

    Honestly, it is smelly, pukey. When combined with alcohol, it can hugely spike your drunkenness. It is largely a social disorder.. think for yourself.. be smart, say no, nada, nyet, ixnay.

  • In my personal experience the people most vehemently opposed to MJ being legalized are almost always alcoholics. Does anyone else have these same experiences, and if so why do you think that is?

  • Pot is plain disgusting, horrible and smelly. I don't ever want to smell it again– but druggies are hard to avoid. You smell it in parking lots, streets and now in neighborhoods on occasion. Legalization is a huge mistake. 🙁

  • i wanna smoke a fatty with Sabine and listen to her talk about science.

  • I came for the facts but stayed for the jokes. I’d pay to see her do standup.

  • Accidentally od? 🤣 On cannabis? 😂Even eating it, you will pass out way before OD'ing

  • Legalize weed but make the legal age at least 30.

  • I smoked weed every day from 14-16 and I graduated with a degree in statistics and I'm still pretty fast mentally. Not saying it didn't effect my brain I'm sure it did and I regret abusing drugs as a kid but I think damage from drug use is a bit overestimated. Could be wrong though, also could be an outlier.

  • If Joe Rogan was ∆9 THC then Sabine would be that one drug from limitless. Or maybe THC-P since she's so powerful

  • 1:50 jokes´ on them.
    Some female plants turn hermaphroditic and politinate the nearby female plants, killing the yield potential.

  • Most of the people I knew who were dependant on cannabis tended to mix it with tobacco, which always made me wonder if the nicotine mix complicated understandings of its dependancy?

  • Cannabis is the correct term IMHO. Why should Mexico get the credit for it's name?

  • I've been smoking cannabis since 1971 and can assure you that high potency cannabis has always been available. The heritage cultivating nations such as Colombia, Jamaica, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Thailand ect exported incredibly potent cannabis all around the planet. The cultivators in these countries were very adept horticulturalists who had been breeding higher potency plants for thousands of years.

    The statistics that claim cannabis from 1970-1990 was only 3 to 6 percent are heavily skewed and distinctly North American. What they measure is the majority of confiscated plants and stashes at the time and in America it was weak "homegrown" cultivated by inexperienced domestic growers. It was crap but there was a lot of it.

    But like fine wines true aficionados would go to great lengths to obtain the imported strains of cannabis. Often in the form of hashish which is as potent as %$@#. Imported cannabis varieties were certainly well documented in magazines like High Times.

    It was only due to the increased pressure of the Drug War that North Americans became more sophisticated at growing cannabis. And indoor hydroponic systems allowed for much more control of the plant growth cycle. If todays pot is stronger, prohibition is to blame.

    Some estimates have historic cannabis as low as 1-3% THC. Nobody would smoke that and it begs the question…if cannabis was so weak in the past then why was it ever made illegal?

  • I started smoking weed around 12-13 I’m now 20 years old and absolutely regret it my lungs can’t take in as much oxygen I get winded walking up stairs and I have some pretty crazy irritability I’m concerned the massive amounts of money to be made is overshadowing the dangers of pot.

  • Need more buttons!

  • 5:50 I don't think you can OD on cannabis, even edibles. You'll pass out probably.

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