• now that is a real doctor

  • 4 years on and we're still no closer to legalisation. Boris blew an extra £26 million on prohibition and got nowhere. Over 50 years of the government wasting billions on prohibition, continuing the same old tactics for years and getting nowhere. This country is going backwards with drug reform

  • uk is slow!!

  • Wow watching this now, same shit, same laws, country is falling, free the weed

  • Natural plant illegal ? Makes no sense at all

  • It's gone backwards

  • Thank you <3

  • Legalise it. Simple as that. Why its still illegal is a joke.

  • Atleast for medical purposes it must shld be legal to who needs it.

  • The uk have been growing weed & sending it to the USA but yet still their behavior is rotten towards people. Hypocrites they all are.

  • Hearing about that poor child suffering severe seizures and had his care held at ransom because of something that was helping him. It's wrong and heartbreaking to hear.

    Wishing Oliver and everyone suffering with epilepsy all the best. 🙂

  • The worst cannabis is gonna do is make you raid the cupboard only reason its illegal is because the pharmacutical industry and government dont make any profit from it and they dont get any profit from certain conditions that are managed / cured and CBD doesnt have any psychoactives as CBD is just hemp which only contains 0.2% THC which is nowhere near enough to get you high which is why CBD oils have been legal for the past few years

  • Uk legalization does get discussed enough, no videos on YouTube tgat aren't over 3 years old

  • I know Weedborn has the greatest CBD supplements around.

  • All plants are for man to use

  • We should be able to sue the Government for keeping this medication from the people maybe they would do there job and get it done cannabis has the only side effects that people want 👍👍🌎🇨🇱🇺🇸💚💚

  • Alcohol causes so much violence and DUIs.

  • Damian has Stony Farm ♡

  • Legalize Ireland 💚

  • I've Smoked marijuana/cannabis since I was 13years old, I'm 52 year's old, and still alive, I'm hardly a criminal, apart from Smoking weed,(WHERE'S THE CRIME,IM NOT A CRIMINAL)

  • The vast majority of people who smoke weed do so habitually , every day….to get stoned , not for medical reasons.
    Weed use is an epidemic amongst young people , the mental health problems associated with teens smoking it cant be denied.
    By all means use it medicinally where needed but lets not pretend its safe to spend every waking minute baked on skunk.

  • It is annoying when people insist on linking nicotine/tobacco with SMOKING. Nicotine is a relatively harmless substance, as is tobacco. SMOKING tobacco is what causes most of the cardiovascular disease and cancer. NOT NICOTINE OR TOBACCO! Nicotine is found naturally in potatoes, tomatoes, and much more daily veg besides…it's a natural insecticide.

  • its all bullshit , medical cannabis , the UK government will legalise it not for medical reasons but to fill up thier pockets with all the taxes & give all the licences to all there mates so they can fill up their pockets . its all about Money, its disgusting what is going on in USA & Canada how all the corporations are getting on board the cannabis gravy train , most of them have never smoked a joint or will never likely too . Prices of weed will still be stupid if its legal , just like in USA where the price is artificially kept high in this closed market . legalise for the right reasons is never gonna happen , get real people

  • Legalization of cannibas should be recognized everywhere . Great interview and perspectives. Shows great insight and knowledge about the plant . The ideology of it being a drug should be disregarded since research as been proven. Its still a risk walking around with a spliff in hand in S.A . … We can change this law worldwide.
    Love and Light

  • I am a recovering alcholic and ex herion user. I still smoke weed everyday i have a addictive pesonality. It is psychologically addictive but when u havent any its nothing like drink/herion. If i drank like i smoke weed and just stopped theres a chance i could die….die….and that drugs legal.

  • Big guy in the purple t shirt is cool as f*ck

  • Hope they all had a joint after this

  • It’s important to keep us safe which is why we have traffic lights and zebra crossings. Crossing the road could harm you but if you safe guard hazardous areas it minimises the risk. Keep crossing the road people safely and you’ll be just fine.

  • The year is 2055 and Cannabis is still not legal in the UK.

  • The government said you can get cannabis on the NHS now for medical purposes but it turned out to be a load of lies I bet you can't guess what government that was lol

  • Christianity, Christianity is a bastard because the bible stated this but the biggest violators is Christianity. What can u think about this, how can Christianity once again find it self on the wrong side of history?Hahahaha


  • I don’t personally take illicit drugs but feel absolutely every drug should be legalised for … legally sane adults.

    Much in the way paracetamol is legal (Despite it being fatal in small overdoses and life changing if the overdose doesn’t kill … a liver transplant may be needed with perhaps resultant lifelong poor health)

    Most of the chemicals stored under your kitchen sinks are lethal if ingested.

    Adults have the choice to risk ending their lives if these are ingested and all adults know that’s a possibility (Only suicidal cognitively impaired or brain damaged people are likely to ingest these freely available chemicals)

    One tested safe dose of ecstasy is unlikely to kill someone. 5 pints of beer is unlikely to kill an adult. 5 untested ecstasy tablets may have a high likelihood of killing a user.

    Drugs have been part of human culture for millennia …. wine, beer, cannabis, mushrooms, cocaine, opium.

    These drugs were part of the cultural fabric of some societies and were/are used to expand consciousness in “spiritual” ceremonies/enhance group cohesiveness. How does one outlaw culture?

    Our legal drugs are the most potentially harmful ….alcohol and cigarette smoking (500 chemicals plus tar and nicotine)

    These state sanctioned “socialised habits” are passed down in this country from generation to generation but in an overwhelmingly escapist, incapacitating, inhibition losing manner. Party culture?

    FACT ?? … certain drugs are illegal in this country because the mega powerful alcohol and tobacco lobby is making sure that people don’t grow there own or pick their own drug of choice, thus undermining their profits.
    They fill political coffers around election time.

    If an individual is of adult age and is sane, as defined in law, they are entitled to self harm/potentially kill themselves as SLOWLY or as QUICKLY as they desire. It is a human right. It is not illegal. Are we free?

    People slowly eat themselves to a (statistically) premature death. They can decide not to exercise. They may climb mountains without use of ropes or ride bikes without a helmet or walk along the tops of walls in the rain or can decide to insult the local homicidal gang leader as they pass him with his posse alone on a Friday night.

    My point is we should educate our children without hypocrisy about their impending freedom, to take full responsibility for any decision to risk their health or life in anything they choose to freely do as adults. That could be free climbing mountains or crack cocaine use.

    We should legalise drugs because anyone who wants to take them already takes them.

    We can educate children in a way that helps them find happiness in life without chemically induced states but warn them that, come 18 years of age no one but themselves is responsible for whatever choices they make.

    For those who fall between the cracks because of say horrendous PTSD inducing childhoods, we should also tell them that we will help them through therapy/human connection to heal …. if possible without the use of drugs.

    Ironically there is evidence that hallucinogens can help people work through/ release trauma in a professionally structured environment.

    There is evidence that hallucinogens in therapeutic settings can help people break addictions in all its forms …. gambling, food, drugs. Shopping 🛍.

    Governments banned research in that area in the early 70’s. Banned research on effective treatment for addiction. Go figure !!

  • Coca cola is more harmful than the weed.

  • like talking to a wall with pm's bout the herb its a fucking plant end of no deaths 0% makes poor ill people happy why they die taking pain away if smoke with thc n cbd no point taking the fun part out thc!! it makes me sick to the heart mps dont sort out uk weed problem out 2019 and you still have to hand money over to dealer's, why dealers line there pockets tax free the abandoned shops and online self check out robotic automation effect how money is made n how new ideas n jobs are created towns would benfit from profits using it to bring back urben sports back to life skate boarding parks made from profits so kids youth can lean new tricks!! the vapping shop are doing well, bout no places to buy weed in 2019

  • Do you have any idea how many psychoactive plants grow natively without any assistance from humans?

    It should be made clear that psychoactive simply means that a molecule of a particular substance is able to cross the blood/brain barrier. It does not mean that the effect it has on the brain is a good one, nor does it mean a bad effect or outcome…it simply means it crosses that barrier.

    Thanks to common misunderstanding of "psychoactive" we now have a law that criminalizes people for possession or cultivation of any plant or substance which is capable of crossing the blood brain barrier.
    At the last moment legislators realized that this would mean making coffee and sugar and a great number of other everyday products illegal and so added exceptions for these.

    These new Psychoactive substance laws are being used extremely selectively to target "psychedelic" substances.
    Aside from what seems a fundamental misunderstanding between psychedelic and psychoactive among the vast majority of those debating the topic…there is also total ignorance of any historical research let alone cutting edge research into the effective use of psychedelics in the treatment of various disorders.
    That ignorance even covers the common use of any number of psychoactive substances currently in use in medicine.
    It seems that in the minds of many people the word psychoactive has become synonymous with illegal

  • Absolutely incredible debate well done guys

  • And here we are in October 2019 and fuck all has changed !! 🙁

  • Hardly a debate is it?

  • it is not unlawful so why legalize it

  • Amazing dr frank hits the nail on the head. It has lead me to giving up anti depressants and honestly have never felt better

  • Cannabis is brilliant says The Buddha.

  • Licensing coffeeshops like in Amsterdam will be good for the economy, tourism and end austerity. Plenty of people are unemployed could grow it or run an Amsterdam style coffeeshop legally. The only way is to vote these donkeys out. The government that is

  • funny they are for fda approved medical cannabis ….they are not for home grows or people growing their own….a bunch of hot air to pump up their own stock fucking hypocrits

  • The pharmaceutical companies can’t make the money and the government shields them! Everyone knows this- old news

  • You know Damian hooked that woman's cousin up

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