Ow doooo people. Well here it is , the very last cannabis review coming in your Ears. I’ve had some Fooking top times over the last …


Doctor Denz


  • You can't smoke it on the streets yet tho .only in your own home .

  • Nice video, but to be clear, it is not fully legal to be smoking medicinal cannabis, you're only allowed to use as prescribed (vapourized, via oil, cooking etc).

    Anyways, I just got a tub of Adven Flos in the mail, happy medicating!

  • Id love to smoke it but I had to stop because didn't want to risk anything with my children. When its legal id be first in line to get some and grow my own. Helps me medicinally it really does ive tried convincing "(professionals)" till I was blue in the face they had none of it and put me on more tablets which prevents me getting a job in many areas. If this was legal I'd be able to enjoy my life again and not sleep most of the time because of side effects of the tablets.

  • So do they have anything you can eat instead in the range? What sort of medical endorsment do you need. For the past about 20 years I have been on and off pills with depression and later in life looking after my mother full blown panic attacks. Anyway many pills latter and the side effects are just…..fuck not sure how to explane it zombie like and a big lack of wood…..they have never lifed me like canna has. Its come to the point where I have a new person has moved in next door…….and now when ever I smoke I get the police knocking…..they say it the smell but now when I burn insence they just call the police…and I'm not even smoking sometimes. Anyway its a long sory but in shourt I have had depression since a young age and now the people I have been seeing like MIND think I have PTSD or ADHD and might be on the autistic range….explains a hell of a lot in my life when it comes to friends and women and day to day l life…..Any sorry….end question is should I mention I have had addiction issues with alcohol? The thing that kept me going thought a long time in work….but have stopped thanks to this plant 🙂

  • Can you recommend the best CBD oil and CBD balm please?

  • Last good Sativa I had was Super Silver Haze. It hit my mrs like meth.

  • Sorry to hear about Chumlee, Bo' Selecta Denz. He use to come and chat on the Amsterdam live streams.

  • hello there new to ur channel great content wanted to ask u about Amsterdam is that ok

  • My only question is. What did you pay for 10g ??

  • I hear you denz. What's your thoughts after a few months? I have an apt with saphire next Thursday 🥴

  • 💚

  • The above name 👆👆helped in getting the best strains… thanks to those who recommended them

  • Can you pick your own strains or do they give you what they think is correct strain for you.

  • Yes mate , I'm so happy for you as if it's my own batch. The doors are opening….

  • Bro im just on this path atm. I have my appointment on thursday with medical cannabis clinic. Hoping they prescribe for my anxiety and depression

  • You had that NY sour yet bro?

  • I smoked my first joint at the college halls of residence in Dumfries when I was 16, didn't know it then but my first smoke was genuine temple ball's, fuck I miss those days man 😄

  • Start up a small forum up online and put the reviews/videos on there, spam it here and get the viewer's up again… fuck YouTube off 😁🤙🏻

  • Horrible stuff most terrible weed ever

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