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  • Not everyone can enjoy having medical marijuana card because of situation like this.

  • I live in ohio I want to change my pain management too cannabis I found a form of thc at our smoke shop witch I bought it was delta 8 it worked it was a legal for I called my pain management with the question although I could buy it rite from smoke shop my doctor wouldn't approve im so sick of my pain meds im in ohio

  • Just like many other people that claim to be speaking responsibility and realistically about medical cannabis, she still attempts to justify ignoring all of the equal and worse documented info offered to patients for prescription medication that medical marijuana is used to replace. Many are meds that also can effect work performance and driving sharpness, however employers first off do not pee test for most heavy scripts and second off no one reads the insert that comes with their scripts beyond the "Use caution until you learn how this medication effects you" statement but many prescriptions of that sort may have notations of do not drive while on this medication or for X number of days after taking this medication.
    People also do not bother to read that plenty of grandmas meds as well as mom and dads meds are not safe to drive within hours of using, even though they take it 2 or 3 times a day. We just fear cannabis differently that stuff with even scarier documented impairment information in the insert and in the PDR etc. People do not read what is available so we do not learn that the meds that the lawmakers are on and the meds that the church goers are on and the scripts that your mechanic and landscaper are on will often be much more intoxicating than cannabis and if you read then maybe you will be able to scare those people into shutting up about little ole pot because some of those people arguing may not actually be driving any more legally or safely than many medical cannabis users in the workforce and if people read mom and dads prescription info they would have a better argument to change lawmakers minds.

  • i have a medical cannabis card in wv and was refused to b hired when they where told tht i had a card as well as i was refused at my current job to move up since i cant b "clean" for a piss test when others take xanax and percs

  • They can't force a employee to have someone high while working around machinery. I got my hand caught in a chop saw because I was high. They paid me 50k and didn't know I was high because I used my friend pee at the hospital

  • I'm a truck driver . I recently failed then passed 2 random drug tests only days apart .
    The problem is I don't use medical cannabis or illegal cannabis but my girlfriend uses medical cannabis for PTSD and Chronic Pain . The positive side of this is now that she has reduced the amount of poison she was using, sorry medications , she is much healthier and has actually had and has many less health issues . On the negative side her vape apparently leaves residue on things . Like my guitar for example . I figured this out because I was playing my guitar the day I took the test I failed . Days Later I wasn't playing my guitar prior to the test I passed . ( when I get home we are going to test this with a home test kit to prove this and record it ) . The problem is I admitted to using FDA approved Evicure on my hands for arthritis. The product is considered THC free and monitored by FDA so the likelihood that it triggered my fail is unlikely but now the government is forcing me to take a rehab course for refusing to use narcotics for my arthritis… I refuse to use almost any pharmaceuticals , except Motrin IB 200 MG (OTC) . This issue goes beyond just people that live with someone that uses medical cannabis. For example a medical user has vape oil or oral oil on their hands and gets in a cab leaving residue on handles . Next person gets in cab or cabbie touches those surfaces then go to a drug test they can fail the test .
    The answer to this is simple . If a person fails a test then as soon as known a follow up test would prove if its a false positive or a positive but because of the money this is causing pharmaceutical companies both on the legitimate market and black market ( yes pharmaceutical companies make millions from black market sales through the initial legitimate sale ) . Call it conspiracy theory but it's clear the government and pharmaceutical companies want the public to outcry against medical cannabis because they fall victim to these false positive results through second hand exposure . I have always been against pharmaceuticals because of the side effect compared to near zero thc level therapies . For example I suffer from anxiety but I have never used nothing for it because it makes no sense to me how the government says its safe for me to drive down the road while high on Zanax because a doctor prescribed it but I can't use a product such as near zero cannabis products that won't get me high . I'm sorry but its obvious it's not interested the safety of myself and the public with such asinine rules and laws .
    I apologize for ranting but the government is going to treat me like a drug addict and force me to go to drug treatment and NA meetings . I can only imagine the looks I will get when I say " Hi , my name is Pete and I'm a chronic guitar player " .

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