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  • Legalise cannabis in the UK.

  • The medical cannabis industry in minnesota is messed up. They wont allow any patients to get their medicine from anyone but them and so they have created a monopoly on a product that should never have been illegal to begin with. It is a violation of the constitution to make laws regarding cannabis as the first page of the bible says that God created the seed bearing herb for our consumption and GOd said it was Good.

  • How about this do you have problems if i give you a bear hug without letting you go untill you drop ? Then i guess you dont have a problem then i do the same like a lawsuit to stop marijuana .

  • Let's legalize 🥦

  • You picked medical not your pouting..wait till cali, ok., maine invade your state and start taking over..lmao..just you wait..

  • Just let me grow my own they don't have anything good

  • Just legalize it, make everybody even stupider than they already are🤪😖

  • Sure would be nice if the Republican Senate would actually allow debate and vote on this! Cmon rural Republicans! Call your reps! I know yall smoke pot lol

  • Release all Marijuana related arrests and convictions! They won’t though.

  • Then sell the hemp…the only difference is the 3 percent limit in the plant and final product, guess they should have sold hemp….

  • Fair lol, 2 competing businesses none of them care about the patients/customers just proffits.

  • Let’s legalize it phuckerz

  • Missouri is a Republican state and weed is legalized. What’s up democrat led Minnesota? Thought you were the party of weed ?

  • 😀😀🤩🤩👍👍👍👍.YESSss

  • Just make it legal. It’s been legal in other states for a long time. Minnesota is always last because of these older politicians.

  • The world is so blantantly backwards… scary asses won’t legalize it, but was it this much of a problem to legalize alcohol?! Because we all know that alcohol is less harmful than cannabis. FOH!!!!!!

  • Don’t want to fight for something to be legalized for the government to make money off of it decriminalize everything more power to the people support small businesses!!

  • You want fairness? Make it legal in MN.

  • Those gummies are stronger than you think, I ate one of them that I got from a friend that lives in Minnesota, and I almost died from it, too much marijuana chemicals in this type of
    medical marijuana very potent for anyone who is a first user

  • Make it legal in all 50 states.

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