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  • They see the money in it… of course they want a peice if that pie. Even here in utah. Lol but hey they can try to regulate and restrict people from it for medical all they want. doesn't matter go to your middleman and you'll still get a better price

  • So they plan on taxing it like a recreational drug rather than a medicinal drug. It blows my mind that you can get alcohol so easily, yet a substance far less dangerous is costing millions of US tax dollars to legalize. This is ridiculous.

  • Lol…they are all high on fentanyl. Marijuana is the least of Tennessee's problems. So legalizing one drug to allow those to access a less harmful drug is the answer? We now solve our problems with another problem. Wow, it's a crazy world we live in.

  • Reparations for those effected by the war on drugs!

  • Legalize recreationally!

  • Free the 🎄 god makes 🎄 man makes 💉 who you trust 😂 tennessee is owned by big pharma and the military industrial complex time to move

  • Smh, it's 2022 and these discussions are still taking place. 😒 All because of control….sickening

  • Bringing the cannabis industry to Tennessee would bring in SO much money.

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