Lawmakers address cannabis reform on 4/20

Lawmakers address cannabis reform on 4/20

Bipartisan lawmakers heard from cannabis activists on the unofficial holiday of 4/20 as the majority of Americans believe …


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  • SURPREME COURT needs to get the Federal Government Aligned with the Power of the 10th Amendment. A state of LIMBO between our Federal Government and States Rights is Inexcusable, Federal Government denying the Power of States Rights granted via. the 10th amendment is childish. Color of Law BS, Fed just wants to be the "Top Gang" move the legal line around to serve their own selfish addictions to power. One way or the other, period.

  • They just wanna smoke it themselves and tbh its healthy for you so of course they dont want it to be truly legal yet

  • The government woke up n realised we are more subservient when on the weed.

  • Your lawmakers are out of touch, and of a separate class than the rest of us.
    Call your legislators, find out how much they care. See if you even get a call back.

  • Weed is a schedule 1
    OxyContin is Schedule 2
    Lol make that make sense

  • i love all the weed jokes in this. hilarious frfr

  • As the founder of the Great American Marijuana Bike Tour, I would love to add more states to the tour!

  • Lol that marijuana and psychedelics are schedule1. No wonder nobody respects the government or their archaic drug laws that go against our personal rights.

  • Just like everything else their making this a big deal too ! It's only weed?

  • Weed isn't bad. You can tax them or do like the Dutch do it

  • Alot of people like it and use it for alot of things if u dont like it dont use it simple as that

  • Joint effort 😂

  • It's insane that alcohol is legal and marijuana isn't people die every day from alcohol no one has ever died from marijuana

  • Speaking from personal experience, I feel like the majority of people against it haven't tried it 😆

  • They just don't want to see us happy and free. They want us angry and fighting with eachother cuz that's how they get rich

  • Americas public enemy number one are politicians

  • Why do conservatives use children to justify their authoritarian policies?
    Crazy people with guns literally take kid’s lives and they yawn while cashing their NRA checks.

  • It is cheaper to purchase weed illegally. Its almost like the US taxes and prices it way too high. They should take a serious look at how Canada handles pot sales.

  • Most of those people have no idea how "420" even became associated with smoking bud… Uneducated

  • I hate marijuana smokers, they are some of the most annoying people

  • zombie cigarettes

  • Weed is good for what ails you.

  • 99% would vote yes. Guess who's vote counts? (not yours)

  • OG Wood , mad love.

  • F the feds!

  • 0:49 my boy didn't even inhale yoooooo😅

  • it really stupid that every state has not come around and made this legal

  • Do you know how many black men are in jail for marijuana possession? They would literally have to reform the entire jail system. Which they need to do anyway, because our current jail system formed out of the enslaved Africans we took from Africa. It’s just not making sense anymore. There’s so much evil in our country, and in the midst of all these poor little babies being killed in their schools, In the midst of all the war in the world,
    it’s a drag queens fault
    I have little hope now

  • Go away! Im watching oww my balls

  • I like money…

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