Lack of access for medical marijuana in Texas | KVUE

Lack of access for medical marijuana in Texas | KVUE

In 2021, Texas lawmakers voted to expand the state’s medical marijuana law, allowing more Texans to use cannabis to treat their …




  • I am here with you on your struggle! I have epilepsy too, and going through seizures is very very rough. I feel like it is unacceptable to be turned down medication that actually helps you. ❤

  • It's totally discrimination if they don't legalize it for the sick citizens

  • Cigarettes is more dangerous than cannabis.

  • I have epilepsy I’ve had over 20 seizures since 2016 and all grand maul seizures I’ve had a seizure that lasted 5 mins long one time I’ve gone through 3 neurologists and still cannot get help I’ve tried 4-5 different medications now I’ve been on divalprolex for almost 6 years

  • Why is alcohol legal but yet kills thousands of Texans a year, due to DWI and etc. (hypocrisy)

  • My mother has lupus, she needs it. My friends father has terminal cancer he needs it.

  • I'm epileptic and can't get a prescription here. I'm glad that kid is doing better! Seizures feel like someone has been shooting your whole body with tazers, you black out, fall and hit your head, and your muscles feel like you just ran three marathons in ten minutes, even your scalp hurts

  • Just make it recreational. Alcohol is legal!!!

  • This is Texas… I'm seriously seriously shocked that they even managed to legalize medicinal Marijuana. Not shocked at all that they are making purchasing even THAT nearly impossible.

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