• Let's Make Legalization happen!

  • Dear Republican lawmakers in Minnesota. The Democrats are about to make weed legal for the people. I wonder why the Republicans are so against it. Republicans are the ones who usually believe in the bible and yet by voting down weed, they are acting against the bible, God and Jesus and I will show you in as few of words as I can. Jesus said set the captives free. Imprisoning someone for a plant that God made is ungodly. On the first page of the bible it says God created the seed bearing herb for our consumption and then said it was good. Cannabis is an herb made by god that has so many medicinal benefits to the human body, that for the democrats to keep it from the people is in direct violation of the first page of the bible. Please stop the war on the gift from God for those that are suffering great pains every single day. Further keeping the plant from the people is a violation of the constitution as the states cannot make law regarding religion. For the state to rule on something that the bible fully endorses and God Himself said it was good, is wrong. I urge you to make a decision for the people with God and the hurting people.

  • Glad I’m in Arizona and have a medical card I would definitely move out of this state

  • Thank you to everyone fighting for the people in need of medical marijuana ❣️🙏❣️

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