• The states that have legal Marijuana have better. Well everything

  • Keep Kentucky money in Kentucky. It's time to legalize Marijuana and let's keep up with the rest of the states who have already done it.

  • By: Bill- Kentucky NEEDS TO WATCH THIS.

    Medical marijuana from dispensaries would be much safer than Street Drugs.

    Marijuana is much safer than alcohol and prescription drugs by far.

    The usage of marijuana does not lead to suicide like alcohol and other prescription medications have.

    Prescription drugs, alcohol, and hard street drugs have killed more people than marijuana just so you know!

    As a Kentuckian, I stand for medical marijuana and recreational marijuana and distributor by dispensaries of Kentucky.

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  • Regardless y'all will be smelling it this summer.

  • I've had two liver transplants one kidney multiple from skin cancer the cancer in my shoulder they don't want to give out pain medication which don't help a whole lot I've never been hooked on marijuana because I've always used it as a medicine it takes the pain away and it makes me into a totally different person the medicine I take now for my diabetes type 2 and my rejection medication along with a lot of other medication from my surgeries I cannot get in the shower once there I got to watch and make sure I don't fall out because my legs give out on me. All they want to do is cut on me I'm tired of being cut on I'm telling you I'm cut all the pieces please this is something that a lot of us need. For medical purposes if nothing else if it goes on more then their help cutting down on crime stop taking food out of kids mouth and stuff governor beshear I know you're doing your best but I'm praying with these others coming in we can get it passed I have doctors that are just waiting on this when they see me come in half and to hold the wall and a cane in one hand because I have a hard time walking because of the medication is deteriorating my bone also giving skin cancer I looking forward to this I cannot get a third liver and at this point I cannot go but through it again plus there's a lot of people in line for a liver and lots of other body parts I hope you going to get it or not but I keep the faith that I'm not going to have to die with it not as young as I used to be the older I get that pain is easier to hurt me so please I know you're doing what you can but let's do this if you need someone. To talk with you. I can back up everything I have said on here everything let's keep that faith faith thank you my regards and respect

  • Getting caught with Marijuana isn’t a felony. And if you’re inside Jefferson county they aren’t suppose to cite you.

  • Legalizing it aka allowing you to use it under their rules and regulation. It's a trap. Trust that. Involving the government is never the solution.

  • He continues to fail to play out the tape! He has no science to back this. We already have an immense drug problem. This is such a Pandora’s box

  • Beshear is a moron! He’s got no science and he’s not playing out the tape!
    We already have an immense drug problem! He’s a tyrant

  • The legislature can always just pass a law undoing Beshear's executive action and they have the votes to undo any vetoes. But KY GOP should get their heads out of their collective behinds and okay at least medical marijuana.

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