Kentucky advocates push for legal medical marijuana

Kentucky advocates push for legal medical marijuana

Groups like Kentucky Moms for Medical Cannabis spent hours showing lawmakers the faces and stories of those they’re trying to …




  • Is there a list of Doctors who Will support medical canibus

  • How a medicinal plant is criminalized is beyond my understanding

  • every rep. and senator should walk down that hall and look at the pictures

  • I guess the money changed their narrow minds yes controlling ignorant usually men must make you think uts their idea its the money
    P.s Coffee is the gateway drug

  • There’s no such thing as a marijuana advocate. Is there a heroin advocate?

    The legalization of marijuana is a way of saying that life is terrible, so people should escape reality. First with marijuana, then with cyberspace.

    Life can be great. But right now Kentucky has an extremely corrupt government which gets paid to promote the use of mind-altering drugs.

    Kentucky can be the happiest state in the union. So close the horrible rat’s nest in Frankfurt, and reduce state taxes to zero. After that, Kentuckians will have volunteer police, schools, and fire departments. It will be great. People will start to be happy again.

  • And as long as you keep fighting with lawmakers over it lawmakers rather than doctors are going to continue to make medical decisions for patients such as in Georgia where a patient dying of cancer is able to get up to a little less CBD per month then I use per single dose several times a day for my very serious less than cancer however disease so in Georgia only if you're dying can you get less relief per month then my doctor recommends for me per dose and in Georgia only CBD only very limited Ultra purified specially modified super Limited super restricted CBD less potent than what you can legally buy over the counter at your local 7-Elevens without any disease at all


  • Great! We ain't letting our legislators use the Bible no more as an excuse to stop this healing treatment!

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