Josh Heinrichs visits the cheapest medical cannabis state in the USA!

Josh Heinrichs visits the cheapest medical cannabis state in the USA!

Josh Heinrichs goes to Fritz Firehouse in Miami, Oklahoma to buy some of the cheapest medical cannabis in the United States.


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  • yeah im buying 25-30% thc bud for about 5 a gram

  • here in tulsa we got 10 and 20 oz

  • Damn, michigan has a 15g limit on concentrate and 2oz limit on flower but a g of rosin is $8 here and a bud oz I've seen for $30.

  • Muskegon mich average price 18 dollas a 1/8 n its fire πŸ”₯ theirs alot here too.

  • Song is FI-YAH!

  • You know what's up!

  • Nice

  • Bro my science teacher and her husband own that dispensary πŸ₯²πŸ˜‚

  • Blazzed in weatherford Ok! Amazing products and really cheap too!! The inside is amazing. Plus they grow their own flower which is fireπŸ”₯. They got exotic ozs rn for $100 and some fire hash rosin for $25

  • Huge Haul and your music πŸ”₯

  • I'm in Vernon county mo lol what's good

  • Bro same here in Arkansas fam I live hittin up Oklahoma!!

  • I pray that philippines would legalize

  • Brooo these prices are crazy!

  • Yo what part of Mo in you…. I'm about 45min Northeast of Kc

  • surprised you don't grow, bro! Those are some good deals though.

  • AJ is the MAN!

  • 3:22 I just make gummies myself now , I am sure I showed them at fritz

  • And have you tried gpen connect after puffco peak I went to this

  • Aye…. I go there and go there only fritz firehouse

  • Yeah boiiii!! Everythings better than okay in OK! Home of the dab spinner!!

  • Oklahoma used to be the strictest place ever. I lived there for about a year once. Now I live back in Texas where we smoke as much as anyone but do it on the run.

  • Great video guys keep it upπŸ€™

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ nice one

  • Damn

  • Lets go!! Loving the vids!

  • #fritzistheshitz lovin this vlog

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