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  • very good, stop the stupid pharma industry and let people die! go grow your own med's and get your life back !!! all free !!

  • thank you i am 66 i been a grower and user all my life i quit drinking and cigs thanks to cannabis

  • Close your eyes and that young dude talking sounds just like Rogan. Joe Old People Smokin Rogan.

  • Praise the Lord for he made all things good and God bless these seniors. Canna oil in edibles relives my knee inflammation and back pain

  • Have you heard of Rick simpson oil?
    Rso helped my mom's cancet treatment greatly i usually get mine from the above ☝name he ships discreetly to any location….

  • I started smoking in 2019 for insomnia. NOTHING WORKS BETTER!

  • I have had bad back pain for 30 yrs. The doctor gave me pain meds, then stronger and stronger ones for 10 yrs until I was addicted to them. The war on opioids made my doctor cut them off and I was forced to quit cold turkey, it was hell and I still had bad back pain. Until I tried medical marijuana. I use a little twice a day and my back pain is gone. It is illegal where I live so I risk going to jail to live a pain free life.

  • Kinda funny that the researchers say that there are ill effect to users while the old man says he’s been using it for 60 years and he feel better. Big pharma is trying to stop this better alternative than their creations.

  • Weed is wonderful with morning coffee, and then all day long.😊

  • 76 here, eat it, its better than smoking it.

  • “Joint” pain relief.

  • " Adult uses " lol

  • I get instantaneous relief when i use it for my severe menstrual cramps, nausea and insomnia. Its a blessing to mankind. Thank you almighty creator.

  • Make you young…

  • It's so hrmless

  • I love it..I was dumb till I started smoking…now I'm interested in everything

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  • Take your questions to a dispensary and avail yourselves to those who are well researched in both the text and literal senses. There are many true Cannabis professionals who know more about Cannabis than many medical researchers do. Plus, they are more prone to being truthful with you than conventional/western practitioners of medicine.

  • All right ! granny gets baked !

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