'It's the first of its kind in Houston' | Medical marijuana company opens  permanent storefront

'It's the first of its kind in Houston' | Medical marijuana company opens permanent storefront

Texas Original is one of a handful of companies legally allowed to sell medical cannabis in the state. MORE: …




  • Ew wow medical marijuana..
    We want recreational!

  • Well, there's another shop in Houston, called The urban Flower Co., where you can get real THC flower and vapes.
    No medical prescription needed!

  • Oh wow…white ppl being allowed a head start in selling weed….must be nice

  • No offense to all you people out there who are so called medical within I guess what the Vatican might call medical for me it’s kind of lame to hear the way you guys are classifying medical. Especially when there’s people coming out of the military with PTSD and there’s all types of people out there I think you’re just really missing the big picture here texas is so behind on that but it’s like Michigan is behind on other stuff when it comes to like technology in the vehicle and so on. But when it comes to Texas it seems like they fail with agriculture what’s the deal what are you scared of it would really really Stop some of the trafficking in other regions of the state I just don’t get it legalize it recreationally and those who needed medical what you should do is give them a fair cheap price and just be done with this whole epidemic this war give it up I mean those who once were Young who got old you turned into the old fart that won’t get in can you believe that you actually became your dad Way to go Wow thank you

  • This is so lame I’m in Michigan I’m from Texas and watching this is just not enough I want to come home so bad please guys will you just legalize it

  • 1% 😂😂🤡🗑

  • Lol 1% thc that's a joke

  • 1% THC is practically hemp.

  • How does that help us patience the community the medical marijuana card those places are expensive the only way this helps all of us is free the weed USA tx I have my medical issues medical card to expensive thank you

  • Its been a long time coming, but it's almost our time for full legalization here in Texas. Every cannabis user needs to Vote for BETO O Rourke so we can make it happen finally! Freedom, dammit! We want our freedom! ✊

  • Why are licenses so limited?

    Free the weed. Free the people.

  • You do not get to call yourself a real dispensary if you do not sell real Cannabis

  • Marijuana is a spanish word, and cannabis is arabic. All US laws must be written in English. So all marijuana laws are nule and void for not defining the plant in English according to English Common Law. Marijuana concentrates are illegal according to DEA. Hemp products are legal. So this is legal ditchweed hemp. Then the junk they sell has more chemicals than THC. I can buy THC gummies at every gas station in Texas. Texas Medical Marijuana is a joke. Medical marijuana is bud and not edibles. Edibles are concentrates like hash. It is also illegal to make medical claims, and I have epilepsy, and this stuff won't faze me. How does a person having a seizure eat a gummy wothout choking on it? Its a joke, you breath smoke into someone seizing. They make a THC nasal spray sold in Colorado for kids with seizures. Need about 11% THC or more to stop a seizure. Charlote's Web is a hemp strain with 11% THC in Colorado. Its not 1%. One percent is 10mg dose. Epileptics take 500mg-1000mg of THC. We have 500mg THC candy bars at my medical marijuana store in Colorado. Medical marijuana is supposed to be stronger than recreactional weed.

  • As long as THC won't get up to 20% i will trust more my homies and is tax free! because i won't pay for this shit* for those broccoli! Don't play me like that hahaha 🤣

  • Texas' medical marijuana program is a joke. It limits the conditions it can be used for and only allows a tiny amount of THC. It is a glorified CBD shop.

  • 1% thc… your better off smoking mexican brick weed

  • "The word Cannabis is more of a cool like thrash-metal stoner kinda vibe and the word Marijuana is like a Bob Marley black hippe kinda vibe" .

  • 1 percent THC lmao this is a joke. I'd rather go to my dealer.

  • Kinda of a joke but a step in the right direction

  • Only time before it gets hit

  • Only 1% is a waste of gas.

  • Woahhh 1% thc that’s sad asf mine as well just say it’s CBD that’s lame as hell do better

  • Well, it’s about. darn. time!!!🤩✨✨✨

  • Geez…..medical marijuana passed away years ago with the creation of legal weed. Medical marijuana really doesn't help people because your doctor has to prescribe it and most doctors do not support the use of it. So many states that led by example on making access legal to ALL. Come on Texas catch up you are not really helping your citizens.

  • That's is soooooooooooo fing stupid it can't be stored there ° ABBOTT GET OFF YOUR AZZZ AND MAKE IT LEGAL!!!

  • Your business bout to bloom!

  • SMDH!!!

  • They need to get security

  • Remember, if you get a medical marijuana card you won't be able to pass a background check for firearms. The forms you sign to get a firearm specifically asks if you use marijuana. This is an automatic disqualifier. You could lie but if they catch you?

  • 1% THC hahahhahahahha

  • Nah they playing that hoe ganna get ran through 😎🤣

  • Niiccceee😎

  • This is sickening why is this even allowed in Texas ?!!!

  • Just legalized it wtf, state mission out on tax $

  • Weak Give people what they want 1000 mg Karovas!!!!!!

  • Just come on

  • They can’t even store at the store over night 🤦🏽‍♂️ straight 🗑

  • And they are a hemp company not cannabis

  • Step in the right direction but not a dispensary at all

  • 1% thc, thats tragic. so many states going legal but Texas is behind the curve in a major way. happily trippin' in NY as a former Texan 🤗

  • Better have a guard with a gun, everyday. Maybe two.

  • Located in “1st Ward”

  • Texas is stupid.

  • Tell me when they get some Stars of death.

  • In 3 months that shit is going to get robbed mark my words lol

  • that place will be robbed 1st week.

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