Is the Bruen Case Going to Finally Allow Marijuana Users to Lawfully Possess Firearms?

Is the Bruen Case Going to Finally Allow Marijuana Users to Lawfully Possess Firearms?

Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, discusses the recent rulings in the matter of United States v. Harrison. In this matter …


Washington Gun Law


  • Coffee, cigarettes, sugar, nyquil ect. are highly addictive and mind mind altering substances…. haters don't think with logic, they think with emotions.

  • Will like to see a update on this

  • 0:44 Confirmed: God Himself carries a Smith & Wesson.

  • This is just in the 5th district court covering Oklahoma, Texas areas? What about the entire county 🤔 how would that work for other areas? Certain circuit courts for certain areas.

  • 1910 is when Marijuana was started in recreational use after the Mexican War. Prior to that 1800s it was primarily sold as a medicinal use herb. Washington himself grew hemp.

  • There's no historical analog for Marijuana prohibition. In fact Marijuana prohibition is racist due to being an effect of US alliance with Britain who made Marijuana trade illegal worldwide in order to imperialize Jamaica.

  • OK so when is that question coming off the purchase form?

  • That is really good news because the states that still require a CCW will not be able to reject any person for being a user of a substance. If they are caught with it while intoxicated it may be a different situation. They can't simply say no because of that reason now though.


  • Michigan also has ‘legalized’ pot.
    But, they Want your Name and Address, to buy.

  • The constitution was written on paper derived from weed

  • 10:28. Surprised the Irish weren’t on that list.

  • 1:11 How is alcohol not a ‘controlled substance’?

  • So if marijuana gets removed from the type one federal drug list, would that then make it legal for people to own firearms who use pot? It would no longer be a banned substance at the federal level!

  • There is also the question as to how denying a Citizen of any meaningful method self preservation does not involve the 8th Amendment prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment

  • The 1792 Militia act shows that there was never a class of Citizens who were "prohibited Persons" who were denied their 2A rights, let alone a class based on Prior felony status. All Citizens were afforded the same Rights. After all the Founding Fathers were ALL Prior Felons

  • I always find it odd that Democrats like to court the marijuana user votes by talking about how many people are unjustly "rotting in prison" over marijuana offenses, but when they have the White House and Congress under their control, they never bother to legalize it at the federal level. It's almost like politicians just say whatever they think will put them in power.

  • Just start shouting that marijuana being illegal is racist, because racism was why it was made illegal to begin with.

  • Regarding prohibitions on Catholics, colored persons or Indians owning firearms, wouldn’t those measures themselves have to be constitutional themselves, presently, to support the present constitutionality of some law? Because while courts at the founding might have upheld such restrictions, no court today would uphold such laws. It seems dubious to cite examples of obviously unconstitutional laws to support the constitutionality of some law

  • Now they are worrying about the person. I thought it was all about the guns. you know GUN VIOLENCE. Is it about the person or the gun??? That shows you there's no such thing as GUN VIOLENCE. People pulls the trigger.
    Guns don't work on there own.

  • Seems legit. If you can use alcohol and own a firearm, then why not drug's. I don't necessarily agree with any kind of drug or alcohol use, but hey, it's hypocritical to say one is better than the other when it comes to owning guns.

  • Look if this is all well and good then I want HGH and 40mm HE. Fair's fair.

  • I don't see why users of marijuana can't or shouldn't own, possess, or use firearms. People who are familiar with marijuana and respect it properly will treat it like alcohol. You shouldn't smoke/eat before or during driving, before or during work, operating heavy machinery, etc just like those who drink alcohol shouldn't be using or carrying a firearm at the time they are drinking.

  • Bravo. I like common sense.

  • 🇺🇸👍🏼 from South Carolina

  • Wow the Bruin decision has really opened a big can of worms didn't it. 2A🇺🇸🇺🇸💯

  • So Alcohol use never even came up in their discussions how bizarre most people if overused like anything can become unvirtuous for many reasons that's human nature!

  • The Government really needs to stop overstepping boundaries of the Sovereign Citizens of this great Country!

  • A coworker and I were chatting about this in context to Georgia’s laws on majijuana use and he thinks that even if a state legalizes it and passes laws to protect citizen’s gun rights, the federal laws can still be used to convict gun owners who are found using weed. I don’t know enough about federal laws regarding weed use nationally as opposed to state restrictions. Any thoughts?

  • So good to see at least one of the three branches respecting the history of this great nation!

  • I wonder if Mr. Harrison has received his firearm back yet? Hope they kept it clean and lubricated for him.

  • As a past user of Illegal marijane, I suggest these fools who believe pot makes people stupid, give it a try, you may find that you are more intelligent than you "know" you were while under the influence.

  • The right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Also, all naturally growing plants and fungi should be legal to grow, possess, and consume. Anything contrary to that is unnatural…

  • Utah fed district court said the same thing 6 months ago. UNITED STATES of America v. Jonathan Alexander MORALES-LOPEZ – Case No. 2:20-cr-00027-JNP – Signed 06/30/2022 – Jill N. Parrish, United States District Court Judge

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