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  • Absolutley No medical benefits what so ever! Clown!

  • Most of the people coming in your emergency room they are not just using marijuana they are using other drugs along with it such as alcohol that's where the problem comes in I have been using marijuana for 50 years I do not drink I do not use other drugs I haven't had any problems with overdose or anything else I am 73 years old no high blood pressure no sugar diabetes no heart problems matter fact I don't have any diseases.

  • 6hours mostly

  • I have Keratoderma with woolly hair

  • True about cannabis and marijuana  when you are not allerted and seeing a person or a child passed out or not breathing , is your emotions will be conserning if its a person or a child ? Well for a great of lesson how many car accidents that you or someone hit each vehicle and trying to take a breath so hard that your heartbeat went so high ? Well its the same takeing someone life that cant be replaced that you smoke marijuana or do cannbis is a same way when they are on inhalers  and allgeries medication can hurt them like a car accident waiting to happen ? Would you be that person showing has conserding for a person a murder or killer it shows how much your really want your weed .. well they be thinking same has you will be . And you called it fair .. well how would they feel ?  They look at you a person of a cold heart like a devil or a group of satanic cult.

  • Ive been smokin for 4 years, and have stopped recently, about 2 weeks ago my REM sleep has gone up, and I've smoked and felt my heart race but other times I've smoked and my heart rate slowed or stayed the same, I'm not sure about starting again or if I ever will

  • @1:35 i quit. What a joke! Is he really about to talk about cannabis in ER? Holy what?!?!

  • You know you smoked good weed when you get so paranoid you go to the doctorz for help!
    that's to funny

  • This guy is so bright eyed and bushy tailed. I'd love to see him after practicing medicine for five years. I think he'll look burnt out and quickly aged like how the Presidents of the USA look at the end of their terms. I speak from multiple self-reports from doctors. Can we not move past the talk of it like alcohol is better? I've heard more "my drunk father beat me" stories in my life than I can count. Everything has side effects and everything can be abused. Everything.

  • Hi

  • Hilarious 😂 this physician has no science to backing this up. Just observations and conjecture. As far as someone thinking their going to die. Guess what too much of anything will give you a reaction. Soooo if I get norco from said Dr. And I apply the same scientific method used here every patient would overdose and die.

  • One problem is addictive nature my friends can’t go 1hr without it same with vape and cigarettes when your body get used to something like that it’s not good take away your control on your life

  • People have been starting to lace cannabis with fentanyl a painkiller narcotic that a pinch of it can kill you.

  • I've gotten nauseous if I've had a lot but I've never actually vomited

  • I was an alcoholic (Bad One 😆) for the last 25years, now I am 29days alcohol free by god's grace but the freaking irony is now I am on weed as suggested by one of my pal. Would it do anything good or screw everything? Any suggestions guys… ❤️

  • Love this video! Very straightforward and educational. Not trying to push any narrative. Basically saying “it’s not the worst thing in the world but let’s not pretend it’s a miracle drug that has 0 side effects”

  • if you smoke to much it helps to eat like crackers and drink something like water

  • Awesome video. Thank you for saving lives. God bless you.

  • There are to antidotes for marijuana it’s called benzodiazepines and Food

  • As someone who smokes a lot of weed, its important to keep drinking water to keep you hydrated and keep your gut healthy. When drinking water, i dont have problem with dry mouth or gut problems. Although i always test my drugs with test kits online to make sure there isnt anything i dont wont. Especially now with how fentyal seemed to tainted mostly everything.

  • When i smoked it my heart came out of cheast because it was beating so hard 😬

  • Guys it's been 6 weeks since I smoked weed and it feels like I'm inside of my head it's so wierd

  • swapping to vaping buds instead of smoking them made me stop puking after smoking weed

  • Weed is not good for the health. I don't care what anyone says it's not good..facts.weed smokers are in denial of it..

  • great help

  • It’s irresponsible to say cannabis has no negative effects, but I hate how stigmatized it is in regards to mental health treatment. I have very severe anxiety that was treatment resistant. Before I found cannabis I wasn’t functioning period even with therapy and actual psych meds.
    After using cannabis in conjunction with professional counseling (This is key. It’s not a lifelong solution) I’ve actually been making significant progress.
    I will come off cannabis after working through my baggage one goal at a time. It might take years but in my opinion it’s no different than using antidepressants for the same purpose. I’ve just found, and everybody is different, that I get less negative effects and more positive ones with cannabis.

  • High THC potentency weed with little to no CBD can cause Green out/Over dose… especially in those with low weed tolerance. The only thing that can be done in case of Over dose/Green out is raise your blood sugar a little with food, hydrate with water & relax

  • I’m 19 now and i’ve been smoking since 14. The only times i’ve felt bad after smoking were when i combined it with alcohol and when it was laced. Crossfading or smoking heroin/fentanyl laced weed is not fun.

  • That's not necessarily true, the antidote is CBD. Another antidote is not being a moron and eating edibles like candy!

  • Why does he sound like Jimmy Pesto Jr in this video??

  • is this guy lost i dont think he has ever smoke weed before lmao wtf wow is not right

  • I clicked on this video with the larger goal of reading comments from outraged potheads who have been told their wonder weed doesn't work for everyone. What you do you know, I wasn't disappointed.

    Look, if you live a better life from smoking a blunt, great, I wish you well. But just like you don't want to be moralized at by a preacher, I don't want to hear it from you either.

  • Maybe you should dazzle us with all of your knowledge about nutrition and natural plants that heal. You won't because you have no knowledge. What you have is a 2 cent degree surrounded by a 5k gold frame. You work directly for big pharma as they were the ones that trained you, so you do get paid by them for this "announcement." If you weren't clueless, you would know how big pharma stole the health of the people a long time ago. Drs and nurses are murderers of the lowest vibration; a plague on the Earth. They pass out poison and bad advice for a living while convincing the fools that they are special. When you work under an umbrella of murdering dirt-bags, what does that make you? And maybe you should look at the 100's of lies on the hospital medical reports when my mother was tortured to death, with intention, by a pack of your low-life scum associates. Maybe then, but I doubt it, you will get a clue. Any questions? Go ahead, I have plenty more responses. And MJ, to my knowledge, is actually the most healing plant in the world. Only thing you said legit is if it was tainted by chemicals. And people should be concerned that the gov is making it legal in so many states. They are poisoning the skies, the water, the food, but are all for helping the people with their health issues….but only if they profit and decide what is going to be in that MJ. I'll give you the slightest bit of credit being in ER where emergencies are really the only thing for which docs are needed. But I witnessed many of them being total scum as well; and lying scum. You have about ten years studying day and night to actually be a credible dr, not the healer you pretend to be. Call me then and will see if you pass the quiz. In the meantime, I will celebrate the extermination of any allopath by a cigar of any variety. And that uniform and steth don't impress anyone with a working brain. Have a nice day and don't forget to wash that Mercedes this weekend to make sure people know you are very special.

  • Quit calling it the gateway drug it's not a drug drugs a man-made it grows in the ground i've smoked dope for 15 years and I haven't done anything else anything your doctor is going to prescribe for you is going to have more side effects so nobody wants to hear your bulls pussy stories

  • So how much did the pharmaceutical pay you for this video

  • … there's a dark side of weed?


  • Loosers are using it these things they thing feels better. But nooo they dont looked good or psychologically normal.

  • in vapes. it is not water vapor you are inhaling. it is chemical vapor.

  • there it is … no deaths reported here

  • Ok but who doesn't feel good after a hot shower

  • 100 of 100,000's of people die each year from legal prescribed medications. The nonsense this guy is spewing is so biased, and extremely rare. If you are going to use weed, scrutinise the THC level, it is the key, find your comfort zone by starting with a strain with low thc, and go up accordingly.

  • I have never had any of these happen to me and I been smoke since I was 13 I’m 21 now

  • Antidote would be CBD correct? It offsets the thc.

  • How much did they fucking smoke too feel like they were gonna die😂😂 I’ve smoked 2 oz’s in 4 hours before and I fell asleep wtf😂😂😂😭😭😭 okay once I heard him say people are psycho when they smoke I knew he was full of shit😭😭😂😂 New York crime rate is at its lowest it’s ever been after they legalized it this dude is full of shit😂😂

  • It's not overdosing it's called a whitey.

  • I think every differs from each other. I had this friend that would start to vomit after smoking, for some reason a hour after smoking he would almost always start to vomit. It's weird but it showed me that every person gets affected different. Btw he was also about 3 years older than me and been doing it longer than I have

  • Wat a load of crap they r just having a witey tell um 2 man up

  • He said Chemically altered thc and high potency. Just get your weed from a lab tested dispensary people. If you cant, DONT do it.

  • Family of alcoholics , childhood drama though the roof , abuse , deaths in the family, hubby did 4 yrs , he died , i still do , government drama, to much silly alone time , solitude, no friends , little family left , so i smoke, cause i don't drink or do anything else , ? for yrs like 35+ , heavy at times ,lighter now though , what you think ?

  • this stinky crap demages brain. 100 percent it should be illegal. 100 percent it is very harmful. It is a curse to live near by a drug addicted trash, as when they smoke, all the smoke goes into your windows. It's super potent, the worst drug, even smoking it should be a crime and lead to prison

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