• Cannabis is bad for the brain, I smoked it for years and suffered memory loss as a result, and puts weak states

  • It helps a ton with being autistic and adhd. My mind goes a million miles an hour and with weed I can actually think for myself without my intrusive thoughts interfering

  • Smoking weed makes me hyper focused, socially anxious, deep thinker, creative and lazy at the same time. I'm trying to quit but I think I am craving more than i thought i would. Had panic attack, lost job, relationship ended, lost touch of most friends, it's getting hard making right decisions. It is like I'm drowning. One smoke and I'm flying.
    I should quit and i will.

  • When it comes to ethics, marijuana usage is a complicated topic because different ethical frameworks and cultural settings may have an impact on how one views it. Here are some things to think about:

    1. Legality of marijuana varies widely between nations and jurisdictions, as do social standards. While some communities may perceive marijuana usage as morally wrong or even illegal, others may find it to be socially acceptable. Even though marijuana usage is legal, some social groupings may stigmatize it or discourage it.

    2. Effects on health: Depending on how one perceives these effects, marijuana usage can have both beneficial and negative consequences on health. For instance, some would contend that marijuana's use should be permitted since it provides medicinal benefits for a number of medical illnesses. Others may contend that the drawbacks outweigh the advantages due to issues with breathing or cognitive decline.

    3. Personal autonomy: According to some, people should be free to make their own decisions regarding their own bodies and minds, including whether or not to consume marijuana. This viewpoint places a strong emphasis on one's ability to make decisions independently of the government or the wider community.

    4. Public safety: Using marijuana has the potential to affect public safety, for instance by making it more difficult for people to drive safely or by encouraging dangerous behavior. Weighing the risks of marijuana usage versus the potential drawbacks of criminalizing it can be one ethical concern.

    Overall, marijuana usage ethics depend on a variety of elements, including as legal and social norms, health outcomes, individual autonomy, and public safety. It is crucial to give careful thought to these elements and have informed conversations about marijuana use.

  • Marijuana affects everyone differently. It really depends on YOU but we can agree that usage should definitely be delayed until after 18 if possible. Some pediatric patients benefit from marijuana over traditional medicines but there are risks with that so it must be considered. For those who want to be a legal medical marijuana patient, Green Health Docs is where to go.

  • I can’t remember watching this.

  • Lol no

  • Weed treats on you, who you are!!? But misuses or over smoking may frozen your mind.. smoking early in morning is most damageable to your mind.

  • I smock weed everyday

  • While marijuana has some potential health benefits and is increasingly being legalized or decriminalized in many parts of the world, it is not without its potential negative effects. Here are a few possible negative sides to marijuana:

    Impaired cognitive function: Marijuana can impair cognitive function, including memory, attention, and decision-making, especially if used heavily or frequently. This can affect academic or job performance and daily life.

    Mental health effects: Some people may experience anxiety, paranoia, or other mental health effects after using marijuana, especially if they consume large amounts or have a pre-existing mental health condition.

    Respiratory problems: Smoking marijuana can cause respiratory problems such as bronchitis or chronic cough, similar to tobacco smoking.

    Addiction potential: While not as addictive as some other drugs, marijuana can still lead to dependence, particularly if used frequently or heavily. This can lead to withdrawal symptoms when stopping use.

    Effects on driving: Marijuana use can impair driving skills, and driving while under the influence of marijuana is illegal and dangerous.

    It's important to note that the severity and likelihood of these negative effects can vary depending on individual factors such as frequency and amount of use, method of consumption, and personal health history. Therefore, it's essential to weigh the potential risks and benefits of marijuana use and make informed decisions.

  • Marijuana is the thing which can destroy the life of people

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  • I just love how the eyes of the weed leaf are red hahaha

  • This was so stressful to watch. I'm experiencing a paranoia trip now.

  • Smoke weed everyday!

  • long live ZAZA NATION

  • I feel this video was made by people wanting marijuana to be harmless. And put out there, ya sure there couuuuld be harm but it’s you the person not the marijuana. Precious innocent marijuana, defend – defend….and in their offensive, yes it was discreet and subtle they did not give any science of actual truth. Just the same old, we don’t know so let’s assume it’s all you individually that’s experiencing harm and not! The marijuana doing the harm. The most passive bully ever…question: why is a marijuana user not actually peaceful? And why does an actual healthy person not ever use marijuana? Why does a marijuana not actually cure anything? Why do marijuana users slowly become less active over time in terms of progressing into a healthy thriving person? Why do they need to stop smoking to be better? Your curious friend, me ❤

  • Having grown up smoking from 17 years old and being surrounded by smokers in my social group, in schools and work, and meeting other smokers through them, I’ll say I’ve never heard of any of them hallucinating. Paranoia, apathy, addiction, stupidity, failing grades, terrible jobs, low quality of life, but no hallucinations.

  • When it comes to you can't learn long term on marijuana, would love to see the real study & time test they done on that.🙄Maybe slower learning but that's like learning relaxed, isn't it 😉✌️

  • 🧚🏻‍♂️🌏🦅

  • I'd say definitely don't smoke till your 20

  • I started smoking when I was 23 years olds. That was over 40 years ago and I stopped a few years, started again ,stopped a few years…… OK I am not saying I've started again but …..

  • In short weed is good if you don’t have preexisting mental problems but weed is bad if you have mental problems or if your family has a history of mental problems it’s literally going to open those doors wide open I’ve seen it before it’s crazy people don’t come back or change for the worse so careful most 911 calls involving weed are bad trips fyi you can’t die from weed but you can definitely fry your brain 🧠

  • i started smoking weed at 14, i am 40 and still smoke, i goto work, im highly paid (no pun intnended) and i play video games. there is a time and place for everything 🙂 learn to balance your life.

  • My brain said it likes weed

  • Did all these sounded legit till the end about the hallucination

  • Once in a while edibles really helps to take away my stress. Also, the only time I can reset my caffeine consumption is when I'm using edibles for a a few days in a row. Wouldn't be able to handle the headaches otherwise. I also quit drinking 7 years ago thanks to edibles too. For me, marijuana has been a miracle treatment.

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  • when you put bread in the toaster and it turns into toast where does the bread go

  • In all likelihood it can drive you crazy

  • So high my g

  • I use CBD for pain and anxiety and it very effective

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