• 15 percent of European People are allergic to cannabis in any form. This is the big secret. They call it paranoia. However, using CBD heavy cannabis can allow even allergic People to consume it, without flipped out minds, and rosy cheeks

  • Education on it is important to, plus cbt oil should be accessible already no?

  • Free the weed, ban alcohol and tobacco, two far worse Drugs, but they're grand cause they don't effect big Pharma… Law is a joke!!!!

  • Legalise it all. It's everywhere and we all know it's harmless. Now let me go drink 10 pints and start a fight.

  • Ireland is going backward while the rest of the world is moving on.

  • Need to be legall specially in pendimec time… Smoker ppl are suffering badly in Ireland

  • Replace the old shamrock leaf. With the new Cannabis leaf for the representative of Ireland .🤣🤣👌

  • Is CBD avail via GP in IRE?

  • Its a shame the lady called used used blanket statements like – causes long term effects, caused paranoia, causes schizophrenia etc as these are not true for the vast majority of people. Anybody watching this clip, without any previous knowledge of cannabis and its effects, would leave with a misunderstand and incorrect information.
    At the moment people by Weed…thats like doing to the shop and just asking to buy alcohol, not wine, beer or spirits but just alcohol. In countries where it is legal to buy you can go into a shop and read a menu. Strain A has these effects, Strain B has these other effects. Strain C is really strong so use in the evening Strain D is light and good for daytime usage etc. That level of information is going to be key to any successful roll out of recreational cannabis. Giving the people the ability to choose what they want to smoke rather than hoping for the best when simply buying 'Weed'

  • I'm confused by a few things the caller said,

    There's alot of smart people that smoke cannbis, is there any evidence to support the low iq argument?

    And cannbis causes schizophrenia?
    What?? If that was the case, every country (which is most countries and states in america) would have a higher rate of schizophrenia

    Is there any evidence that cannabis causes schizophrenia? I mean the lady says she knows 2 people, I know alot of cannabis users and I've never heard that before

  • Education and research is the only way to understand cannabis. I know more about it than the people in power do and family doctors just from researching it. The garda arnt educated on it at all. Its safer below combustion temperatures.

  • I’ve been given medication 💊 after medication from my doctor to help me with my mental health I’ve been smoking it for 2 years now and it helps me trough my days. I support it. The boom of cash the government would get. Legalise it Ireland 🇮🇪

  • Free the weed. Free the people. No more prison for pot.

  • Making it illegal actually harms the communities even more with black markets which i dont think that crosses the authorities minds at all.

  • Decriminalise everything. You can even regulate, tax and standardise strength. Portugal has proven its the right approach. Put the money spent on policing, courts, prisons into programs to help those people and mental health services. Remove the social stigma which blights addiction. Give them self worth and respect. It’s should be treated as a health issue.

    Ketamine, mushrooms, LSD and mdma should be studied and clinical trials carried out for their many benefits and uses in regard to mental health.
    Heroin should be prescribed to addicts in controlled environments as many of the worst side effects and societal issues come from the addiction side and the need to gain money to buy heroin. Plus the fact it’s illegal purity and strength varies which can cause overdoses.

  • Why does it have to be smoked? There is cannibus oil out there, let’s start with that. Most governments want to keep cannibus illegal because they are in the big pharma pockets. Also, side effects differ from person to person. Most drugs out there have side effects, especially prescription. Also, a lot of people out there who develop psychological effects from cannibus have bought it from an uncontrolled environment, who knows how it was grown and what was put in it to make it stronger or give it a bigger yield. These are variables people seem to be overlooking.

  • I know a few people who use it medicinally. They're vulnerable people who have to expose themselves to drug dealers and buy their medicine illicitly. It's mad.

  • Recreational is necessary, promote a grow your own attitude, it will go a long way to help society and could have helped a lot of people during the lockdown. Its also helpful for people who would rely on sleeping tablets or drink to get good quality sleep.

  • In the beginning God created the world, and a plant that can help mankind and was used since biblical times and beyond. However due to corrupt racist laws that emerged in the USA to protect a investment in paper mills, Hemp was criminalized. People were mislead from the truth. There are patients who have seen the truth. Google CBD Oil Kids, and then tell me what would the righteous thing to be done. The herb is the healing.

  • Recent raid in West Cork= 9 Gardai+2 dogs+cars . 'Crop' was legally licenced Hemp (low THC) but portrayed in media as 'major bust'. How come the supposedly under-resourced Gardai can waste so much time on this nonsense when they won't do anything useful such as stopping drivers breaking red lights which I see EVERY DAY in city ? !

  • She stated some inaccurate information. Smoking cannabis does not affects IQ , there is no evidence to support that either .. with the schizophrenia , it's not that cannabis causes it , usually the person has a predisposition and is smoking colosil amounts of it and is developing a bit of psychosis , not full blown scizophrenia.

  • Legalise all drugs you plebs.

  • Absolutely should be legalised.

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