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  • Get it legally prescribed now here in the UK at last ✌️🌱💚

  • You can work there but not blaze no thank you.

  • I have used Weedborn CBD products for treatment and I'm finally healthy.

  • Crack heads and murders are let loose but let's worry about pot smokers, growers and their employees. This country is screwed

  • Looks all white to me marijauna apartheid

  • I know Weedborn has solutions to most diseases.

  • Blå resept?

  • commercial garbage

  • I don't have epileptic seizures, Once again propaganda

  • NY is a joke with the medical Cannabis every other state allows use of edibles,wax and flower but of course NY gotta make it complicated and still make you feel like your a dirty person for smoking it. Why NY is loosing out on a lot of Tax revenue because how strict they are and people going to other states and spending money with them and that money goes back into there state. Federal Government needs to just legalize it you will never stop the black market but you can put a huge damper on it by legalizing it. Also give patients and regular people a choice to grow there own. People will find out that it’s not that easy to grow and you have to do a lot of learning to grow successfully and good quality flower. Again NY makes everything so complicated. But also the people of NY or a lot of ppl look down upon cannabis but has become use to seeing opiate painkillers given out but cry there’s an epidemic smfh #FREETHEWEED✌️✌️

  • wrap it in plastic, idiot

  • Omg she almost got the klingon forehead.

  • People know you smoke. Your eyes are swollen closed, you have that stupid grin, giggle at nothing and don’t know what day it is.

  • People need to wake up the reefer madness stigma of cannabis went away years ago. What one Rx drug does what cannabis can do? The answer is NONE. And not only do Rx drugs usually only mask the problem or symptoms most have very harmful side affects. Its time to organize and flood the Whitehorse with paper letters requesting it be taken off the federal laws. Like president Trump or not I think he would be the one to make this happen. It'd time

  • How do you get in on being a grower in Western NY. Are they even going to permit more growers? They all seem to be near NYC at this point.

  • Why would you buy weed from these people. Who just got into the business. BE LOYAL BUY LOCAL.

  • Top quality buds of high quality strains. Hook up

  • Drug users are total losers. Fuck weed. Fuck drugs. This shit should be highly illegal. Fuck those who let this become legal. Take meds from the pharmacy, don't use drugs like this shit. Weed does nothing but destroy you and your family. Don't give into the shit about it "helping" you it doesn't do a damn thing.

  • Lol these guys have no idea. Waaaaaaaaaaaay too many lights for a light dep greenhouse

  • that dum let weed be weed


  • move here legalstatesmokin Colorado

  • The cure is green , this pisses the pharma hates were winning

  • Funny how whites benefit off the very thing they lock up African Americans for. Also there a far more whites with medical dispensaries than any other group. I've heard you have to wak through fire as a minority just to meet the basic qualifications.

  • FNY

  • prescription pots


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