• Mamadica take over 💚5⭐️

  • Sharing is caring. Because of drew and this video and much research before hand I actually signed up today. Waiting for my doctor to send my records through. I suffer from ptsd . Have tried much medication from Paxil to pregablin and nothing has worked. I’m very excited for this new journey

  • I have a question, I just signed up to Sapphire medical and I' haven't paid anything or spoken to anyone yet, I've sent my records but after reading reviews I think I'd rather come with you guys, 5* rating and I'm someone who goes off reviews often as I like to leave my own.
    How can I go about this? I would prefer to start my process with you, I am currently on 2 different tablets for anxiety and it doesn't do much, when I can get hold of cannabis it helps me a lot if I can get the right ones. But it's difficult and a non trustworthy process, with my anxiety I can't go out to meet people which makes it super hard to get and also the law worrys me.
    Please advise, I am so glad to see this video, made me feel very comfortable seeing familiar face Drew who I've watched for over 10 years

  • my one will be 4th of May

  • I have literally just signed up to you after watching Drews video of you last night. Glad i stumbled on this too..

  • Watch this grow big up Drew and Mamedica

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