India’s Aminu targets UAE and Saudi Arabia in Middle East expansion

India’s Aminu targets UAE and Saudi Arabia in Middle East expansion

Aminu was established in 2019 and spent two and a half years before launching its first products in March 2021.

“We started with the hypothesis that there was a need for deeply researched skin care products in the Indian market to start with. That turned out to be slightly more expensive than the other products, but the response we got from people told us there was this need and we are fulfilling that in the market right now,”​ said Aman Mohunta, co-founder of Aminu.

Mohunta told CosmeticsDesign-Asia​ that the company is acutely aware of how saturated its local skin care market is. Instead of jumping on trend bandwagons and marketing hype, the company pours most of its investments into research and development.

“There are hundreds of, for instance, vitamin C serums in the market, with different labels and slightly different stories, cooler packaging. There’s almost no point in bringing another one on the market. I feel that you have do to something that is at least three steps ahead of what’s happening in the market currently.”

Mohunta pointed out that we should expect more foreign beauty brands to enter the Indian market in coming future and create more competition. In that environment, he expressed confidence that Aminu would be able to hold its own against local heroes and established foreign brands alike.

“I still sleep eight hours at night because I know we did not copy any brand that may someday come to India to expand – we have a very unique proposition. In fact, we are very confident that we can bring the brand to Europe, US, Middle East, South East Asia and compete with the existing brands there.”

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