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  • No need for a card for cbd honey

  • Nothing wrong with it…. It’s the FDA that has the problem with it…. CBD oil is no secret…. I guess it is in America.

  • I cry and want to die because of my fibromyalgia pain i feel you. Its just so much suffering.

  • I really wish marijuana was completely legal in the uk , I have chronic neck pain and besides the unhealthy things like alcohol marijuana is the only thing that helps me… and I have to obtain it through Illegal means… how fucked is that!!!

  • Someone is really stupid but doesnt mean its going to work let see how far you go closest to the cemetery.! Your not conserned about those have allergies or allergic or haveing problems breathing when a person on inhaulers.. that cuase a real OD MEANS OVER DOSE !!!

  • Okay you don't like the weed on Fire or the CBD you don't let it on fire that is actually 100% illegal to light it on fire you need to get you a vaporizer one that does not burn it up then you take the decarb and you make your own Edibles and you buy one of those magic butter makers and you can make your own Edibles it is amazing. But stop lighting the weed on fire one it is illegal and two is disgusting get yourself a dry herb vaporizer and it is a more pure form way of consuming the medication

  • For me high amounts of THC does help with pain it gets you to a point where you just don't care that you are in pain

  • What about opiate narcotics

  • Why does this bitch think she is so interesting? I just want to know if this will work

  • It might help but it is not going to cure pain it might help you from being nauseous from the pain, it will take the edge off a teeny tiny bit. But if you have yourself a mixed drink that would probably do a better job.

  • Shrooms! Works for cluster headaches maybe it’ll work for face pain. Omg that pain sounds horrible! Oh man my worst pain days have always been abscess tooth or infected exposed tooth root! I weigh couple hundo maybe but I was on a journey and all of sudden I get this double over pain in my mouth that put me down. I couldn’t get up it seemed like the pain was less if I was bent over but holy smokes I couldn’t do anything except shake my hand back and forth. Anyway sorry not trying to take anything away from ur story. I just feel ur pain and know somewhat how u might feel?

  • I had this from CRPS spread. It's horrible. I'm so sorry. Juniper CBD balm really helps, it's part of my daily skin care.

  • Lame

  • I tried it , disappointing crap.

  • I hate Buzzfeed.

  • I'm smoking top shelf California hemp from a dispensary and it's like it gets my head super high nobody Buzz I'm wondering if that's sativa but it's like I got a third eye in the headache it's always after I smoke right between my eyes you know you're high when you can feel it in your eyes it's so strong it feels like a tranquilizer when I come down maybe it's just me

  • Just got prescribed a thc oil and cbd oil and seeing the bit about the tinctures not working for you made me 🙁

  • What’s her name? I wanna know if she would like to race money for research? It would be awesome to talk to her! ✌🏽🤓

  • I don't have TN, but I do have hereditary nerve palsies and damage that's caused constant pain and numbness in my arms and legs simultaneously (didn't think it possible to be numb and in pain at the same time and in the same spot but whatever) + random stabbing pains all over me, and the pains have been here since I was about 5 or 6 (10 years now roughly) and I've always been curious about marijuana as a treatment, so I found this video at the right time i reckon

  • If I can barely handle my chronic abdominal pains, idk what I'd do if I had to deal with what she's had to deal with. My doctor suggested that I should try medical marijuana recently so I really hope it works as well as it did here

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