• Smoking that much per day is not gonna do you good bro I promise ya..I smoked since 13 I still blaze now…but that amount is too much. Phsycosis is real..you might not think it when your young. But when you hit your late 30s and develop scitzophrenia you can be sure smoking that much weed will bring unwanted effects onto your mind later down the line

  • this video is not transparent enough, and anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see it creates more problems that it solves.

    This Drew guy will exploit anything for financial gain.

  • Come to gy try out buds

  • Dr Dan is the best man

  • So proud 2 B a regular viewer…you bomb, rock & rule…I know you dislike bong&& you vape sounds so pussy…I’d say keep um rollin’ dude…superb strains && tightly stuffed…🎉

  • RSK ma boy

  • What's the price on that average 3.5 per day

  • Please make a video about the driving please I’ve had stuggles as it is being a common smoker and relying on driving for work. I want to apply for a card because I do also feel I’m entitled and would be beneficial but never understood how it’d play with the law. Thank you for the amazing information and content you bring Drew!!!🎉

  • 1st consultation is £150 😮

  • Looks a lot more controlled now may have to try Jorja just on the price!! Mamedica £200 before trying the flower seems to committed!!

  • Really appreciate this looks like if be able yo have a proper chat woth them about things and nt just get turned away. I think you covered costs in your QA video but could you fo a break down, the appointment costs and bud cost

  • the wait time is crazy now rip ive booked an app too , nice one drew cheers

  • what if i have metal plate in my arm and i use cannabis to cope with the constant ake i have its worse in winter but is that something i can apply for it ? because i am buying cannabis black market to take the pain away and the doctors just want to give me pain pills there is nothing can do…

  • Doe any one deal with sapphire medical clinics i have been accepted for the access scheme is it worth it

  • amazingly good video as ever

  • Tony Soprano 2… Wtf

  • My appointment with sapphire clinics was not like this rip

  • I been on propranolol for over a year for anxiety and don't think they do anything so I have been put on 100mg of sertaline aswell none has done anything a year down the line

  • So how much does it cost for the prescription?

  • How does one become a weed doctor?

  • Man i need this . Got 3 slipped discs ( top middle bottom ) 8 yesrs pain everyday and legs are gone last 2 years . How much you paying per month ??

  • I'll wait til I get a prescription for homegrow or clones at least but good info buddy

  • Could u do a video of costs

  • yeah yeah whats the cost???

  • Why did you not mention anything about cost? Its really expensive no wonder its hard to see their prices. Much cheaper of a street dealer.

  • I would defintley appreciate seeing the info on the driving

  • Drew dude, they make a really nice experience, and put me at ease. Your advise has been ace, thank you so much.

  • What do you do if ur healthy as can be but just love the green stuff ??

  • you should make a video next year about testing peoples bud for thc% at heid park on 420

  • You're using 3.5 to 7g a day?!?!? Jesus christ

  • Yo drew you should come down to the forest of Dean we go some good bud out here but Ive never had it tested would love to do that

  • how much does the prescription cost for a prescription of your size. as in fairness i’d say i’d require about the same amount.

  • Dr Dave was great, so informative and helpful to me on my first starting out in the world of legal medical cannabis.
    If you aren't sure, nervous or worried about the journey then he is great to help guide you through it because it can look intimidating from the outside.
    This video would of been great to see before i went through the process to elevate some worries for me so thanks for sharing!

  • Really helpful G… stay free 🙌🏽

  • Medical weed gives money back to the GOV's that took your rights and freedoms away………The peeps that donts know what a woman is …… Fu@£ that shit. co2 is the gas of LIFE

  • Being from New Zealand, we've recently been lucky enough to have access to Medical Cannabis too, similar process, speak to a Cannabis Clinic, tell them if your all ready using or wanting to use Cannabis, pick n chose, pay n wait then enjoy. The best thing about medical cannabis is you know what your getting each and every single time without fail. No more turning up to the dealers house and getting what your given or going without, and the consistency, it doesn't change, its a fantastic thing to finally have.

  • 333

  • Will this doctors medical ganj cure my excessively large blue balls?

  • drew, ya might ignore this bro, but ive struggled with this subject. i got cancer and ptsd and use cannabis to help me. it helps me, BUT ive also been done ofr cultivating cannabis, so cant get it. im on bengits as im unfit to work because of cancer and im priced out of it, i cant afford the doctor appoinment so i have to risk breaking the law and a heavy prison sentenced by growing it. and poilce dont give me any chances. im also threatend with eviction. i wish drew it was this easy

  • But u didn't record your trip to the Birmingham weed festival i seen you there looking bare lanky in real life my g lool

  • I wonder if the doctor smokes lol

  • if weed was hard to access i would consider it but i got too many of my street doctors that dont have a limit on g's

  • Drew do they have to disclose this appointment plus information to your doctor or not asking for myself😅

  • My mother has heart failure and because of you she has her first medical card,thank you drewsif💚

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