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  • Even republicans who are hard on drugs are open to medical use.
    This is such backwards and anti science take.

  • Just a speculation… Maybe the government is under Big Pharma payroll, & having a wonder drug means bad business for them.

  • Alcohol is empirically more harmful to users and society at large by every conceivable metric, yet alcohol is legal and readily available, while possession of cannabis can get one jailed, caned, and even hanged.

    You can die from alcohol overdose. You can’t die from cannabis overdose.

    You can die from stopping alcohol cold turkey. You can’t die from stopping cannabis use.

    Alcohol damages the stomach, liver and brain, and causes cancer. Some studies actually suggest that cannabis prevents cancer.

    Alcohol has a strong causal link to domestic violence, crime, and other societal problems. You simply become relaxed and enjoy food more on cannabis.

    When it comes to what substance will put someone at risk for getting hurt or hurting others, alcohol is considered to cause the most harm. A study on marijuana use and intimate partner violence found that couples who used marijuana had lower rates of intimate partner violence in the first 9 years of marriage. In fact, men who used marijuana were the least likely to commit an act of intimate partner violence against a spouse.

    Driving while drunk increases the chances of accidents by 23 times. It is less than two times while high on weed.

    Alcohol is more addictive than cannabis, according to studies. The lifetime dependence risk for alcohol is 15% while that of cannabis is 9%.

    Overconsumption of alcohol causes loss of memory and black outs. You don’t get that with cannabis.

    You get hangovers from alcohol consumption. You get the best sleep and wake up refreshed after cannabis consumption.

    Cannabis has medical properties and has been proven to help with many neurological conditions.

    Apart from all that, cannabis also enhances creativity. We will see arts, culture and innovation flourish if we legalise cannabis.

    We are living in the dark ages where people are caned and hanged for simply possessing a plant. This is barbaric and needs to be changed.

  • If cannabis is so bad, why do almost everyone who works in the cannabis industry take the drug themselves.

  • This is clearly the fear based propaganda that wants to control people with ugly lies.

  • 5:40 that is not even marijuana , you show foils and all that junk which is not marijuana all those addicts are unrelated. The media always has their way to brainswash naive people

  • There is an abundance of evidence if you care enough to look. Cannabis is one of the most important plants in the world, not just medically.
    Cannabis, mushrooms and algae can solve most of the worlds problems today.
    The future is in rewilding and reforestation.

  • CBD should be legal

  • thanks for sharing!

  • congratulations Thailand show the good after this Malaysia

  • This is painful to watch. "the companies which are interested in making money out of this, really dealing in destruction and death have found a new way of arguing it."

  • It's all about money. Drug companies can't make money with medicine that literally grows out of the ground.

  • Lol what about alcohol addicts such excuses

  • This is the problem with Singapore. Always taking the safe route. No wonder we are famous for being a rigid society that lacks creativity.

  • More propaganda

  • That so called doctor showed no scientific facts. He is against medical marijuana and so that is why he is speaking against it. How about showing the other side of the coin and interviewing scientists who are doing research and patients who are benefiting from it?

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