HUGE SKINCARE UPDATE – New Purito Sunscreen, Cetaphil Reformulation, NikkiTutorials Nimya & More

HUGE SKINCARE UPDATE – New Purito Sunscreen, Cetaphil Reformulation, NikkiTutorials Nimya & More

Sharing all the latest skincare news, from the launch of the new purito sunscreen, the NikkiTutorials skincare brand, new products from Geek and Gorgeous and a Cetaphil reformulation.

Hey guys and welcome back to Mad About Skin. Today we have a bumper crop of skincare news to talk about so I thought I would condense it all down into one huge skincare bulletin for you. We will be talking about the much anticipated new sunscreen from Purito, the Nimya skincare brand by NikkiTutorials, a new serum from Geek and Gorgeous and all you need to know about the Cetapil reformulation.

Skincare launches and news seems to have all come at once and so I thought instead of doing a series of individual videos on it I would condense it all down into one update for you where we will be covering the following:

New Purito Sunscreen – Today Purito have launched their hotly anticipated hybrid sunscreen which is the replacement for the centella green level unscented sun which was a holy grail for many before being discontinued. We will talk through the new products and my first impressions

Cetaphil Product Reformulation – Similar to the CeraVe reformulation we saw a few months ago, Cetaphil have changed all their products to remove parabans and some of the harsher cleansing agents. We discuss whether this reformulation is an improvement on the original products or a skincare fail

NikkiTutorials New Skincare Brand Nimya – NikkiTutorials who has a huge following here on YouTube has announced the launch of her new skincare line Nimya which consists of 5 products. We take a quick look at the products and whether any of them are worth inspecting in more detail.

New Geek and Gorgeous Serum – You guys know how much I love Geek and Gorgeous skincare and they have announced a new serum which I have been trying for the past month and want to share with you my review and impressions.

I would love to know your thoughts and feelings on any of the products mentioned in todays video so please let me know in the comments section below.

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Products Mentioned:

Geek and Gorgeous Perfectly Clear

NikkiTutorials Nimya

Purito Daily Go-To Sunscreen


00:00 Start
01:18 Geek and Gorgeous Perfectly Clear Review
03:51 Purito Daily Go-To Sunscreen Review
05:27 Nimya by NikkiTutorias Review
09:22 Cetaphil Reformulation
13:55 Summary

Wherever you are in the world I hope you are keeping safe and well and I look forward to seeing you in the next video


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  • I love the cetaphil change made my skin soft and making my pimples go away

  • Please do a review for nimya
    Do specify that the skincare is mainly for makeup etc not treatment which is okay

  • I’m so tired of brands taking out preservatives from products, I throw away half my personal care products because they expire before I fully use them which is awful for the environment and my wallet

  • So much is happening it can feel overwhelming! Thanks for breaking everything down in this video😊

  • I watched Nikkie's video and my impression is that her brand is not focus on skin care (as treatment) but rather on prepping the skin for makeup. Which makes total sense since she's a MUA. She is also really honest and open in her video, a breath of fresh air in the influencer's world. Wish her the best of luck!!

  • Love these news from the world of cosmetics! Cant wait new Purito spf.

  • Thank you for all the info! As always, info packed, straight to the point, and a great personality to go with! 👏👏👏

  • I enjoy Nikkie's make-up videos, I think she is very talented and I love her personal story. But I will take an easy pass on her skin care line. I can't take a skin care line seriously when it's proprietor gleefully uses an industrial sized vat of high coverage foundation everyday. What are you hiding under there?! Also James Welsh has called her out for using filters when she is supposedly "clean faced" at the beginning of her videos. So we really have no idea what her skin looks like, sans filters and/or heavy make up. It rubs me the wrong way when people use beauty filters in their videos anyway, but it is particularly irksome if they are using filters while trying to sell skin care products.

    One of the perks of starting a skin care regimen has been becoming more confident stepping out of the house with no make up or very little make up, because my skin doesn't look like the crypt keeper anymore lol😜 I tend to want to emulate the skin of people who don't need to wear a full face of thick paint. That's just my personal preference. To that end I'd be more likely to try the Keys skin care line by Alicia Keys, since she wears no make up at all & still looks good. Although I tend to stay away from the "celebrity" lines anyway… Honestly not trying to throw any shade at Nikkie by saying this, she is obviously an amazing make up artist. I would buy her make up. Not her skin care.

  • I never comment but I have to. I had a breast cancer scare. I did a lot of research and there is plenty of research when it comes to parabens and breast cancer correlation. Parabens mimic female hormones in the breast therefore putting us at risk when we absorb parabens in our bodies. It may not affect a male the same but as females we have to be careful. If big companies are removing parabens from there products, they have done their research too. There are probably safer preservatives for beauty products.

  • just saw this video in my recommended and literally ran for pre-order on the yesstyle site. I never got to try the original sunscreens from purito so i’m very excited to see how these perform!! 😆

  • Benton got new sun screen as well, I really can't wait to get my hands on them, purito and Benton is like a safe brand for me, when my skin is irritated from trying out new skin care, both of those brand is what I use to get my skin back to normal.

  • I adore new reformulated Cetaphil cleanser!ADORE! Very gentle, moisturizing.Skin feels soft,no overly cleaned.Great,affordable.Does the job great!!!!

  • I’m looking forward to the release of puritos chemical sunscreen. Usually mineral sunscreens irritate my eyes so anything with mineral filters are a no go for me. Great video as always 😊

  • I really really like this update format. It helps me decide what to investigate further and which follow up vids I want to watch in full. Knowing you are doing this, I would make sure to go in and like follow up vids that don't interest me so you get the likes even for products that are not relevant to me.

    A request for sunscreen reviews. Can you assess for eye stinginess? I've worn daily sunscreen since 1987. The whole skin cancer – sun link made it to the general public in the mid 80s and as soon as I got my first job I bought a daily SPF moisturiser, which was exorbitantly expensive for a 15 yo! About 10 years ago, I noticed both my daily moisturiser (Aveeno at the time, Canadian formulation) and my heavier duty sunscreen (Ombrelle, also Canadian it's where I live) were making my eyes sting like crazy. Up until that time, I applied my daily moisturiser all over my face, even around eyes, without issue. I began applying regular moisturiser around eyes, spf everywhere else (I've worn UV sunglasses since I got contact lenses for my 16th birthday), but the sunblock would migrate into my eyes by the time the workday was over.

    Now that I'm paying attention to ingredients I am guessing there were formulation changes or I developed an eye sensitivity to a chemical sunscreen. Did a bit of research, and I found a mineral sunscreen that works for me, although it has MAJOR white cast. It goes away after about 10 minutes, but I'm a on the darker end of light complexioned in foundations.

    Anyhow, if you are able to do an 8h does it sting your eyes test with sunblock, that would be very informative. Listing the ingredients would also be helpful as sunscreen formulations can vary by jurisdiction, especially for the poor Americans.

  • I’m using Cetaphil Daily Cleanser and Foaming Face Wash and don’t notice a change in the new and improved whatever! I can only use Cetaphil due to sensitive skin. Love any format you use ❤️

  • I like the bulletin style for reformulations but really appreciate the in depth analysis on new products. Being American, I need to listen hard to that oh-so-cool fast Brit accent, so the rewind button is my friend during the latter. You do such a good job, and I find true value in your videos.

  • 9:50 CeraVe is owned by L’Oreal / Cetaphil is owned by Johnson & Johnson. Direct competitors, similar products. Big corporations.
    Now Neutrogena (also owned by Johnson & Johnson) will probably come too with a reformulation since they need it to remove their awful fragrances that smell cheap chemicals of the 80s 🤣

  • I love this style and your personality! I only use the Cetaphil Restoraderm eczema lotion which is actually great for my rosacea. I hope they didn’t change it 😩

  • Awesome post, thank you Rob!💕🌺 I’m excited to hear all about Purito & try new combo sunscreen!

  • I tried the new reformulated cetaphil gentle cleanser. It doesn’t burn my rosacea which is super rare for me but I don’t feel like my skin gets clean and I’m breaking out like crazy. It’s very hydrating and gentle but the surfactant that they used is third to last on the ingredient label so idk if my skin is getting clean…. I love cetaphil moisturizers but their cleansers are lacking for me. (Cerave burns for me). 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Darling Rob when did you say that the Facetheory has sales on ? I remember you said Nov? Thanks 🙏

  • I would love a comparison video of all the new purito sunscreens when they all launch

  • I saw your comment on the Brad Mondo/Chris Appleton video and came to check out your channel.. our skin types are opposite so I know this is a longshot. I had normal good skin up until about 10 years ago (i'm 44) and then my forehead decided my life was too easy so it wanted to make it less so. My forehead peels..constantly. I've tried every lotion possible..including burts bees foot balm in an attempt to tame the flakes.. it laughed and flaked anyway within an hour. Nowadays I use an oil-based cleanser 1x a day along with hemp oil in place of a traditional moisturizer and still within and hour or so I'm peeling again. I watched your video on Lactic acid and I will be buying the 5% from Ulta.. my question is what moisturizer should I pair it with.. plz keep in mind I dont have time or money for an insanely indepth skincare routine but as we are going into winter when the flakes are at their fiercest, I am ready to try something new. I have no hope that I will ever be able to wear any makeup other than eyeliner/lipstick.. but it would be nice to not constantly look like I tried to hug the sun. (oh.. just fyi.. my dr said this is caused from my hypothyroidism.. I have no thyroid.. so I'm like this for life.. just need to find a way to manage it. )

  • I actually love both the in depth and the bulletin type of videos 😃😁

  • My skin is dry in the winter and I tried to use the Cetaphil Gentle cleanser, and it was too stripping for me. So I am not sure why they called it a "gentle" cleanser, but glad that they are reformulating it! I did want to try their moisture cream, so I might try to get a hold of that before the old formula is no longer sold!

  • As always you have some great points here, it encourages to think about what you are using.
    Michelle from LabMuffin has a great video on cleansers and mentions sls and other tensides in it.
    So much to learn ^^

  • How does the 2%bha geek and gorgeous compare to the 2% bha paula's choice liquid exfoliant ?

  • I was wondering why the cetaphil gentle cleanser I purchased recently is so watery, it used to have a gel-like consistency but now it runs like water. I doubt I' ll be purchasing it again.

  • Great idea to have an update video about what's up in the market!!

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