• Why are you recommending to take a FULL EYE DROPPER? That's 100mL of potent cannabis. That would knock out a newbie unconscious for a couple of days. So irresponsible, your vid is the very definition of misinformation.

  • For some reason when I try tinctures, I don’t get as high like I do from edibles (solid food etc). Weird

  • This is bullshit I just threw away $50 on this, nothing happened. 1500mg thc, not a damn thing. 😔

  • ONE eye drop!!!! Please.

  • Can we do it without decarb?

  • They're junk and a rip off to consumers, in the main. Especially those states where it's medical use only. Most patients like that are on strict budgets,(e.g. Retirees, Students, disabled vets), and dispensaries hypocritically do far too little to accommodate these facts of reality and keep these customers. Nobody is interested in a dispensary becoming a gd "boutique". 🙄

  • I used two and a half full eye droppers plus Kratom yesterday and I was fucked

  • It should also be said the effects of oral THC is very different than smoking it. Not just in how fast it hits you, but how it effects you. When taken orally, if you take enough, it's closer to Mushrooms or LSD (If you take a large amount). While Smoking is more the typical high people talk about and it hits right away and you can stop if you feel you are going to far. But with Oral Tinctures, you have to wait to see how hard it hits. And if you take too much, there is nothing you can do. So you need to start low and go from there. Speaking for myself, a full dropper, unless it's a really weak strain, seems like a lot to start with. Especially if you're new to it.

  • I assume you're talking about 1ml Droppers. On Average how many MG's of THC would be in a full Eye Dropper? Given the todays potency of Cannabis.

  • What dose would you recommend for 1000 mg?

  • Man I just drop like 20 to 30 drops and hold it under my tongue for like five minutes@

  • The alcohol burns under my tongue! Can I add to hot drinks to help burn off some of the alcohol?

  • Lol a whole eye dropper? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lmao stupid

  • Where can we get this from ? ( which store )

  • I just started on medical marijuana and I have been vaping. But I want something that is going to last me throughout the day

  • Very interesting and thanks for sharing such a good video. Your video is so convincing that I couldn't stop myself from saying something about it. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up.

  • Love it, I've had such great results from an oil from Eden's Herbals!

  • I really love the video you posted, it is super helpful and informative. Keep posting such amazing videos, I love watching all your videos.

  • I took a thc edible and didnt feel anything after 2 hours. Then took a second one and was high for days. It was an aweful experience. Wait 5-6 hours. We do it eith aspirin, why not thc? It can mess you up if you arent careful.

  • Is cbd oil the same thing?

  • I felt anxious and restless after taking small bit of THC tincture, and could not get a deep sleep, not like CBD, anyone else, I thought THC tinctrue would help me sleep?

  • Do u have to swallow or can you spit it out?…..giggity

  • Cant advise how much because you dont know how much thc in each drop. Start with a very low amount then adjust upward.

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