How to Style a Spa like Bathroom in a Rented Apartment

How to Style a Spa like Bathroom in a Rented Apartment

How to Style a Spa like Bathroom in a Rented Apartment

Hi, everyone. Welcome to lifestyle Si! It’s Sungeun.

Today, I want to give you tips and inspirations about how to style and cozy up your bathroom and make it look like a spa, especially in a rented apartment. There are many bathroom styles out that you can choose from. However, this time I’m going to go through key styling points to achieve a spa-like bathroom, because creating a spa-like bathroom has been probably the number one request from my clients.

So, Let’s get started.

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  • 4 Steps to Have a Spa-like Shower:
    1. Set the mood with relaxing music.
    2. Pick the right fragrance.
    3. Practice mindful breathing.
    4. Upgrade your showerhead with Showery EcoFlow

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  • I have used wicker basket to keep the toothpaste and body creams and body sprays in the bathroom and found them the bottom went all mouldy so now I have plastic and wooden containers. But depends on the wood material some of them got moulds in corners as well

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