How to Skin Care When You Travel

How to Skin Care When You Travel

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  • I live in Rajasthan it is a desert 🌵 so it is too hot in summer and cool cold in winters do you think I should make summer and winter skin care routine it would be really helpful if you make a video on it !! ( I have normal skin if you want to recommend something )

  • Can you do a How to skincare while camping?

  • Hahaha I'm from Chicago, we surely appreciate our summers here after those horrible winters

  • ❤️

  • the references to the nasty bacteria environment, gross germs, and hand sanitizer… Hyram DID NOT know what was coming

  • Do an upadate on this pleaseee.

  • I'm shifting totally I don't wanna leave any products here😭😭😭

  • So what about travelling with glass bottled serums?
    The ones that are small in size and have pipette for it.
    How to prevent them from leaking or bursting in the luggage when air pressure changes?

  • As someone who hales from Chicago….I feel ya

  • My moisturizer is 355 ml and my makeup remover is 400 ml BET HYRAM BET! lol

  • I am going for a staycation in the same state so the climate is no different but I just wanted to know how to carry my cleanser lol so thank you for this!!

  • I thought my skin was dry and messed up when I lived in Illinois. Then I moved to Colorado. Now Illinois is humid to me 🤣

  • whenever you say mainland, i think of the tinker bell movies

  • Point 1 is so true!! Every time I go travel I bring along with me all the skincare samples, and ended up using my daily skincare.

  • How the actual BLEEP did I just see a SAINT IVES AD before A HYRAM VIDEO

  • Try being a flight attendant…. my skin is always crying.

  • Do my eyes deceive me? No blue shirt?

  • I agree and love the tips. I always travel with my favorite skincare products in small reusable pots and bottles in order to keep some normalcy. The only thing I do on a plane if I need to is using blotting paper to remove any oil that is produced and then my glow recipe mist to hydrate.

  • Ok I need an update because the mask makes my forehead and nose oily af, imagine in a 9h flight + time spent on airports. I mean I could scrape the oil off my face and fry falafels

  • LOVE that Denim jacket!

  • Isn’t it just Murphy’s Law that this video was made one month before the world stopped traveling.

  • i literally gasped when i saw your outfit because i love it so much

  • Hyram… SOS I'm a flight attendant. What advice do you have for my skin, considering I'm constantly exposed to different environments and frequently exposed to 0% humidity. I also live in Florida so I'm constantly going from super humid to no humidity. My skin doesn't really know wtf is going on half the time

  • imagine if he had stayed mormon… he’s killing the game as a funny, ethical, gay af skin care junkie who we stan💕

  • 3:54 corona

  • What is the name of ur necklace?

  • Should I wear sunscreen on days I don’t leave my apt if I use a lot of natural lighting?

  • “Probably a few of them are sick and there’s gonna be lots of germ around ”…. 😳 watching this in the middle of a pandemic

  • I am a Hyram addict, how is it I'm just now seeing this video??? I needed this video like 3 years ago. 😭😭 My poor skin.

  • Pre-pandemic when i traveled i wore a mask to keep them germs out and keep the moisture in,, not sure if this is helpful but maybe 🙂

  • pov: ur watching this during quarantine even tho you can’t go anywhere

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