How to Renew Your Florida Medical Marijuana State ID Card Cannabis Use Registry

How to Renew Your Florida Medical Marijuana State ID Card Cannabis Use Registry

In this Video I explain the process of renewing you state issued ID Medical Marijuana Card. The link you will need is below.


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  • Need a video explaining the new Florida December 2021 change in quantity with the 35 day thing. I don’t understand it personally.

  • How long does the payment process take because it’s been saying processing for almost a week

  • I am a Florida resident and looking to grow my own flowers for personal use. Will a permit be suffice? Or will I need to go through more steps?

  • make more i will be watching everything on your page you rock!

  • Visited doc yesterday for renewal. I just hit renewal on my application. There is no photo access provided of my drivers license that is in the current profile. Instructions from state (below) are confusing. I thought last renewal's photo would already be visible in the renewal application or in a pop up. Am I supposed to submit the drivers license or drivers license photo again or fill it out and hope that the photo pops up after completion. EVERY year it is a cluster & it remains confusing. I would think they had the process streamlined by now. Oh Wait..this is Florida!
    I clicked Proof of Residency and it confirmed, but still no photo pulled from FLHSMV. Now it is asking me to Update My Information again, so I keep going in circles. I was hoping that for once the process would go smooth, but noooo.
    Instead I get to call the Registry like last year and ''hope'' that it is not another half hour+ wait, since they are always understaffed. So frustrated that I need to roll a joint!!!

    Here is the instructions for renewal photo.
    A full-face photo must be submitted in order to complete your application. If your Florida Driver License photo or Florida
    Identification Card photo appears in your application in the Registry resulting from accurate DOB/SSN entered by your physician, the most efficient process is to utilize that photo for your Medical Marijuana Card Application.

    EDIT: Photo FINALLY appeared. Again….what a cluster

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