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  • Why have you bothered with the expensive looking long pretentious egoic play-in, only to open up into a terrible quality WebCam with terrible quality audio?

    I think you spent the money in the wrong place mate.

    Stoners don’t give cannabis a good reputation, and neither do productions like this.

  • I have chronic pain caused by inflammatory arthritis, fibromyalgia and other things. I wish the government would crack on with this getting on the NHS. I'm tired of all the opioid medication I have to take.

  • If chocolate or running doesn't work try osteopathic manipulation it has a cannabimimetic effect boosting anandamide by 168%.

  • Very informative ,thank you Sir

  • They can't keep saying this plant has no medicinal value because that's what these politicians have been lying about for decades. Its time for the people to once again have the plant that was put on this earth for us humans to consume and heal ourselves and this is how we as humans have our very own human endocannabinoid system.
    The war on drugs has been a complete failure need I say anymore 🌿🌏

  • Hurry up come to the point man what you want to say Mr

  • Why not our Britain government give on the national health service who need for physical or mental illness treatment while whole nation is suffering from insomnia or depression I am sure it will help good night sleep as very important in every human beings life

  • CBD has anti-psychotic effects, so why wouldn't you prescribe it for schizophrenia and psychosis? The supposed link of THC and schizophrenia doesn't correlate to the evidence; schizophrenia incidence has stayed constant during the last 60 years while cannabis use has multiplied many times over. It may be that young men starting to experience schizophrenia are self medicating, and given a range of choices would choose higher CBD content.

  • basically the ecs stops the body from shorting out! lol

  • That was a well spent 53 minutes

  • Very informative

  • I have had Parkinson disease challenges for 6 years, I have done a lot to get cure but still yet wasn't cure. I saw on Google that someone testify about Dr Madida that the doctor helped him in curing his ALS so I checked out on YouTube if I can find Dr Madida & luckily I found out that he has YouTube channel with his contact information all on it, I contact him thereafter used his herbal medicine. What medical hospital couldn't help me cure, in just 2 months of using Dr Madida herbal medicine my Parkinson Disease was completely reversed and cured.

  • 🤔 educating the police would also help do you not think 🤔 thank you for this !

  • Such a comprehensive summary, thank you! BTW The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 was overseen by the then Home Secretary Reginald Maudling (who died of alcoholism age 61).

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