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  • having your own that you can make a lot of money nowadays it's two or three business owners for 1 dispensary this would be just you and I my wife-to-be disease Larson

  • Invest in a good mic please

  • Way to much static 🥺🥺

  • WORST SOUND EVER ON YOUTUBE, sound like the ocean in the background the whole time

  • Let’s talk…

  • Who are these clowns.

  • Guys fix your audio…. it’s super easy to do. 👍

  • Would you trust such important questions to someone that couldn’t even get the audio right?

  • Can hear you at all with head phones on

  • Hi I’m trying to open one in California , Los Angeles county , what can I do to secure or help me get approved ? Can you help?

  • Is this a joke?

  • Georgia just passed the law to grow hemp and medical marijuana. The license for hemp $1000 to grow annually, & $1,500 to process. The medical marijuana is $150,000 to fill out a nonrefundable application. Class A license is $150,000, $100,000 annually, 1000 square feet. B license $50,000, 500 square feet. Got to have a business plan, able to fix an issue within 12 hours. Security cameras, etc…

  • The audio is bad. I couldn't hear the info.

  • Never mind the sound there's a lot of other places to get some good info. Who here has just got started ?

  • Get these stores and more open now… dragging there heels…

  • Can’t hear…

  • The sound is horrible.

  • I couldn’t hear anything….

  • U guys gotta get your sound right

  • I can't hear it, i can't stand the audio quality

  • Dafuq ya saying

  • when i open my shop i’ll buyout most of u in 5 years

  • The information is good but it's tough to hear because of the audio. In a vehicle it's so much worse.

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