Dutchman's Medical Marijuana


  • Age restricted content…For mixing DIRT…? Whaaa?

  • How many times u need to change it till harvesting?

  • I don't care about flavor as much as I do potency and yield.

  • I guess that's why my bud has a chemical tongue numbing sensation. Mine was all organic but I'm pretty sure I over dosed with fertilizer. The Blueberry flavor never came through either.

  • Hi Dutchman
    Thank you for sharing. Manures have knats. DE mix in soil and top dressed takes care of knats. Recycled soil for 5 grow now. No knats

  • Great video! Is there a list of all the products you used?

  • Could aquarium gravel work on top to keep bugs away?

  • This cop is teaching me how to grow… Crazy.

  • You can tell this guy knows his stuff thankz for dropping this

  • Thanks i know this is old video but wow i just learned a lot now i have to redo my grow room

  • Hi nice video, do u use tho soil from veg through flower?

  • 🥰😍

  • Bro your light leak in 4 days

  • Damn when I see gross like this and doors it just it looks disgusting

  • What do you add for micro I add in my Coco coir always add worms go in your backyard where it's real nitty-gritty under the leaves and pull some f**** worms usually like around this time of year August September you going to find f**** worms the size of snakes then you take your iron you can take Rusty Nails and you can do your iron do your calcium you do year fish meal year bone meal right now you want to have a high nitrogen high phosphorus you just want to mpk right now right now you just want a good NPK

  • And you're heading says how to mix soil you're not mixing soil what you doing is you doing a Coco choir mix now that Coco Qui it will turn into a medium but it will never be a soil soil is fogging dirt

  • You Amazing

  • Awesome video man. Where’d you go?

  • Just got some fire genetics from evolutionseedco, can’t wait to get started.

  • Can i use gatorade in flowering??

  • Now are those buckets your last transplant? I just tell ya. I spent about 200 on soil for 13 plants. I used 10 or 15 gallon grow bags for the last transplant. Do I need that much soil? I'd like to save money. Literally spent 200 on dirt

  • Great video!

  • Spil tastes like shit

  • Dutchman, I followed this video of yours to a T, everything you did here, I did, and grew the most beautiful pot (Lemon Jeffery) I ever did! Strong and potent, it blew my socks off! Thank you so much for this very informative video!

  • it takes 22 minutes to show how to mix soil for 1 pound of medical plants?

  • U still out there fella?

  • 1/3 coco, 1/3 perlite, 1/3 compost , dry organic super soil amendments. Let it sit for 1 month. Plant in smart pots . You only need PH balanced water after that. Throw those nasty nutrient bottles away.

  • I know that this is a five year old video I hope that some viewer might benefit from this comment.

    A little time spent editing will make your message easier to reach the viewer. This can also help to keep the viewer until the end.

  • Awesome video #younglife 🤙🏼

  • no way around flavors with btl nutes until BioBizz came out

  • i mixed coco with soil once caused root rot indoor grow ive been successful every time i use just coco or just soil also it happend on 2 plants i mixed cuz i ran out of coco so i mixed thinkin i was okay the other plants lived thrived an the ones mixed was root rot ..jus my experience cheers

  • Could u use pete moss instead of coco?

  • i just do weed if I do,i like how you feeljunior high.is that it.Everyone emphasizes seriousness situation,its bull your situation is the same as it is in 1941..ya know. I don't share I'm geeked and it works….its just weed.

  • I just Witnessed Child Abuse !

  • You don’t need a 20 gall to get a P lol

  • If you’re cloning from clones. You can’t possibly be telling people that the strain your growing is what you started with. You need to keep mother plants. Use those for your clones and only those. This ensures that there’s no degradation from clone to clone and you still have the same strain. I grow organically too. No nutrient bottle in my my garden. Great job.

  • I love organic n u can make super soil ad amendments let cook for 30 days but i love dro also i like taste the teroenes i dnt like my medicine to taste like dirt

  • They call it weed for a reason.

  • Ok if the leaves are supposed to be yellow at week 8 yr you're so green.

    I'm just saying

  • the hydro shop is a trap . they hype it someone guna bye it half the stuff is added exrtra that really and buy fresh evry crop no thanks

  • I really like this guy's style of growing

  • Thx my friend great job

  • Use rocks at the bottom of your pots because if you use anything woodsy or mulch it will suck all of the nutrients straight out of your soil all the time.

  • Fabric pots are far better than black plastic pots,more air to the roots plus you dont get the wet bit at the bottom third of the pot

  • Thats a great technique, wish I seen this vid earlier!

  • I use BTi (Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis) for fungus gnats. It takes about 2-3 weeks but it gets rid of them. It's a bacteria that kills mosquito and fungus gnat larvae and is non-toxic to humans, bees, etc.. It's in mosquito dunks which you can get at Walmart, etc.. Let the surface of your soil dry out, then put some dry BTi powder in about a gallon of dechlorinated water and water the surface. Repeat about a week later and you'll see the population die off completely at about the 2-3 week mark. You can also just use dry sand, Gnat Nix, pebbles, etc… to discourage the gnats but BTi seems to work best for me.

  • Man will always think he can do better than dirt

  • I'm amazed that this guy has no skills. I never seen so much bad information.

  • Nice mix but I think you could add more fertiliser. I use perlite, coco peat, potting soil, compost, guano, bone meal, super phosphate and michorriza. On top I add sulphur flowers, diatomaceous earth some Epsom salt. I soil feed with fish emulsion and molasses and foliar feed (more often) with ph6.8 seaweed concentrate water. If need be, I use neem oil diluted in luke warm water and eco soap sprayed with a misting bottle for any sort of mold/fungus or infestation I don't want. This is all in fabric pots. Thank me later.

  • I'm amazed at your balancing skills. My ankles would be killing me. Great video lol

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