How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

This is exactly what its like when you get your medical marijuana card in California….doctors office n all. ( intended for the 18 …


Dope As Yola


  • I need help, I'm gonna get my med card in 2 or 3 ish months. I'm 18, and I have horrible chronic pain and anxiety. Would I be able to order stuff online? Would I be able to consume any way I'd like? Many questions 😅

  • I want a job in the cannabis industry more than I want anything else in this world. I've studied this plant, grown this plant, smoked this plant, and have written and reiterated an unpublished book on it 3 times; 3 separate books. All on cannabis and nothing but the facts, leaving out personal input or opinion. Just facts. I'm just looking for someone to give this young, smart adult a chance in the legal industry, I'm currently living in an illegal state, which, because of my research on the political side, offends me of it's legality and doesn't scare me. I just need someone to believe in me.

  • Bro ima be stright up im a bean from the bean land and i wanna get my med card im 18 . Am i still able to get my card even tho im 18 and an allien ?????

  • 😀😀😀

  • 18 in 2 months bout to get my card so ty lol

  • Dick… I had to come back to this video to check I just got my card from the same place no way! Shoutout Dr. Rick

  • Good info! I guess it differs with every state. Oklahoma is so different with the OMMA stuff. Maybe now that Mississippi is getting legal, maybe it will be similar

  • What do doctors askk

  • Would it be beneficial to get one of these if I live in the southeast

  • Yeah that's what the guys at the dispensary told me also. Rec weed tax is higher than medical.

  • yola i been subscribed to you for so long i get surprised when i look a weed related video up & you pop up , you’ve done it all man 😂 tutorials , shopping sprees & product reviews i look ANYTHING up & you show up , at least i know a reliable source helping me out with shit


  • Can u be 20 and have a weed card

  • 30 minutes? 30 seconds you mean.

  • It's ok, nigga, I got the weed card!

  • u need to have physical pain to be able to smoke weed legally? I always thought u just walk in a dispensary and buy ur shit

  • What do they ask for how much did it cost u

  • Could I get one if I live In Texas?

  • Nice channel

  • can you get a card when you're under 21 or do you have to be 21 to get it because I'm 18…

  • How to get medical marijuana card for $2

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