How To Get Your Medical Cannabis Card In Puerto Rico | Día 18 Vlog

How To Get Your Medical Cannabis Card In Puerto Rico | Día 18 Vlog

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  • I do agree with you, but like any other product some type of tax must be included in order to help the community, and the school system and many other programs. We need all the help we can get, and that plant is a miracle plant that will bring prosperity to the State of Puerto Rico. Estado Libre Asociados de Puerto Rico.

  • This sucks. Youre a weirdo

  • Still on the island ?

  • Is the car rental still the same prices? I’m going tmrw

  • Wowww I love your content and I love the respect that you have for us Puerto Ricans 🙏🏼 also your way of life 🔥🔥🔥 screw the system and grow your own🙏🏼. If you need anything I am in Caguas, Puerto Rico🇵🇷

  • Why do you say Puerto Rico like that it’s Super annoying You say every word normal except Puerto Rico lame

  • I’m coming on the 7th help😩😂❤️

  • I move from Boston to Vega Baja loving it here

  • Hello, still can’t find any car rentals that are less then 900$ for 6 days! I’m going to PR June 23 for 6 days and they wanna charge me almost 1000

  • 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🔥🔥🔥

  • Wait where can we get a car rental for a $1 a day 👀

  • How do I contact u for more information I’m going to Puerto Rico in June

  • Hey bro what did you say for the doc to qualify for a card I heard tourists can get one to I'm fixing to come visit my family I whould love to be able to smoke some good dodie while I'm there

  • Did you need a Puerto Rico ID? or can you use passport or other ID? Looking to be there in Aug. possibly to move.

  • 10% off your first visit at each dispensary! ✌️😎

  • $65.00 and a 5 minute FaceTime call with the Dr. Earthsgift

  • Look at that's how I renew my license. Quick, easy and voucher in hand in a matter of hours

  • Kory go on this web site to look for home rental or sales.

  • My opinion on licenses .. A drivers license for example having one will minimize the cost of a possible speeding or otherwise traffic ticket.. A fishing license having one is about ocean preservation, man for ages long ages has raped, polluted and devastated the oceans, which provide drinking water after treating, rain water, food, and oxygen through marine life photosynthesis. No point in killing a fish you cant eat, or of a size for spawning, i could go on so I'll give an example . Jamaica is beautiful, when i visited i snorkeled a very large reef behind the hotel for hours, and i felt a little fear and shock as there where no fish not even small ones. As pretty as Jamaica is pretty it is poor and they have raped the sea. Dont take my word for it go see for yourself.. You see far too many people choose to abuse, the word pollution shouldnt exist, the word rape shouldnt exist, abuse and so on. So its about marine life preservation in that case..

  • Excellent content Kory…. your audio is coming through 10 x 10….. excellent….. you be moving on up….. congrats……

  • Think a virus is real? Educate yourself.

  • Grow your own, and screw the system

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