• Could you adjust the recording volume. The volume is inadequate, I can't make anything out with my volume turned to max. The illustrations/screen shots are also so low res that they are useless, can't be read, too blurry. Please read how to correct this, I don't see how the commenters below managed to get any sense from it!

  • Well, nice, thanks for this information.

  • Repeat prescription £15 How many grams and of what? Please go a little deeper if you can <3

  • That's me got an appointment for Monday, so I appreciate you explaining. I've heard of this before but didn't believe it was a real thing or that I could hopefully qualify for it 🤔 🤞

  • Once again very informative video keep up the good work my friend this is your year 👏 👍

  • Wish me luck I'm going to try this 🤞 Thank you for explaining it kady 😘💜

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