How To Get Medical Cannabis In UK 🇬🇧 EXPLAINED……

How To Get Medical Cannabis In UK 🇬🇧 EXPLAINED……

Today I answered a question that was asked by LWC ☯️How To Get Medical Cannabis In The UK… EXPLAINED #uk #essex …


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  • Don’t understand why anyone would get medical cannabis in the uk I am a TBI survivor with PTSD and a titanium left leg (I am in chronic pain). I was with the medical cannabis clinic (I believe they have changed there name to Lyphe now due to terrible reviews from PATIENTS) for 6 months… 6 months longer than I should have been with them. The quality of the cannabis was terrible and everything radiated of some kind which killed all the terpenes & I was paying £480 a month for a prescription. I am a lot Better off seeing my man on the corner, do your research people because just like dodgy dealers there are some shitty clinics too. ✌️

  • Where are you from I want to Smoke with you

  • I haven't needed to go to the doctor since I was a child, I have always cured my depression with cannabis, I want legal regulated medicine but have not had any prescriptions because I have always self medicated. I can't be the only one in this position?

  • How many grams can you get on each prescription?

  • Trying to get it in Northern Ireland is a pain 😫

  • Look up medbud uk and will tell you all the clinics in uk

  • followed cheers

  • What are the THC and CBD levels of medical weed here in UK? My friends abroad are getting >20% THC and <1% CBD from pharmacy… I hope we can get similar stuff here…

  • Nice explanation man coz I was unsure about how to get a prescription. But my main question is how much is the weed and is it worth getting or am I as wise to stick with ny plug. Cheers man

  • but is it even worth it is the weed good enogh?

  • My GP refused to pass my medical info on to the Clinic, it was very frustrating to deal with. Finally my clinic said that screen shots of my medical records would be ok, I am with Sapphier but as the bud is irritated I am looking to move to a non irritated clinic.

  • How much do you pay every three months?

  • Sounds pretty identical too hear in Australia

  • Is it actually worth it tho? I can make a Q last me over a month so im not sure for me

  • Sadly, YouTube censorship prevails. I was a regular follower of your channel, that's all ended now.

  • How much does it cost for medication? Are they then gonna send it systematically every month or so or you gotta order again yourself? Thanks

  • Nice one bruv sadly I've not got medical history for my issues refuse to take Speed for my ADHD, haven't taken anything from my gp from my back in la ong time so no up to date records.
    And tbh my back isnt like it was last time I saw ya.
    Love ya miss you loads. Keep it up bruv should be proud of your self.

  • and yea ed, im same.. havent drank now coming up 10 year, never suited me anyway. best lesson i learned you know. cannabis all the way for me now bro. aint touched a class a drug in 15 years now neither! cannabis one of the only drugs you dont have to manipulate for consumption. its almost as if it was meant to be used 😂 and it bleady well is 😝🤣 grow it, dry it, smoke it. no fecking around! good man for sharing all this to help others get legally medicated mate, youre a diamond geezer, truly

  • cheers for that little shout out brother, legend 🙏❤

  • I read something the other day as of December this year not all clinics require u to of tried 2 different medications basically just down to clinics if they believe cannibis will benefit u 💚👊

  • Just a. Little correction, They are your sumery care records (SCR) from the Dr's, not duty of care.✌️🙏

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